I have so much I should be doing. yet. im sat here making a post on this thing. God, my mind races so many things to post about. yet. i keep biting them back. I’m not sure why i hesitate to bring stuff up that no one is going to see but me. i think it IS the fear of the internet. it just puts my panties in a wad to think of anyone reading this.

couple of hours of sidetracked. heh. go figure. at work and hafta actually..*gasp* work. however. that being said, is it time to go home yet? lol. still a lil …..wrecked tho. how is it that that one person can reduce one to just a puddle on the floor and a huge smile. how does your mind choose that? you talk to a hundred people every day. no reaction. and then BOOM. struck like lightening. i always wonder about that.

i didnt have a particular topic in mind when i started this and now i still have relatively nothing here. and im staring at the white space wondering what the hell to put in it. i was looking at the color palatte to try to find the exact color of my sweater. it is the most beautiful color ever. and who gives a rat’s ass? not even me at this moment.

i’m bored. bored bored bored. jesus. im staring at the clock. i actually have plenty of stuff i could be doing. but just can’t seem to dredge up energy to do them.

Confession of a horrible sin: i stole a candy bar outta the snack thingy. but i was hungry. i had no change. eh. yeah. basically i am just looking for stuff to post about. so therefore. i’m gunna quit.


~ by Layla on December 16, 2005.

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