“You Don’t Put Bourbon or Nothin’ In It?”

Would you pay this much for a drink?

more drinks

When I was glancing thru my weird headlines in all the places I shop for ideas, I saw where the Foxwoods Resort/Casino was featuring a new drink “The Sapphire Martini.” It’s a very special new drink. It better be. It goes for $3000.00. I think I need to say that again. Three thousand dollars. For one drink. Bombay Sapphire gin, blue curacao, and a splash of dry vermouth; shaken and presented in a martini glass rimmed with blue sugar.

Hunting around on the internet, it seems that this drink has always been on The Mezz Luna’s menu as a regular drink at $28.00. And then they decided that it just needed some little extra special…something. “AHA! Let’s attach some Sapphire and diamond earrings to a sterling silver swizzle stick and we’re in business!” I agree. I think every bar should double as a jewelry store. You go to play roulette and do very well; you should celebrate by spending your winnings on one drink.  BUT!!!! You get so much more. You get a drink. And then you BOTH get a souvenir. Or keep them both for yourself. At three thousand dollars? I want to keep the glass too!


I find myself in an unusual position as I sit typing this. Normally, as I blog, I have an opinion and it’s mocking or negative about which ever subject I choose to attend myself to. I find myself at a loss about how I feel about this one, though. Well, I’m clear about the fact that *I* would never pay for this drink. But then again, I feel relatively certain that *NO ONE* will ever buy this drink for himself. I’m also thinking that only a man would buy this drink. And he will only buy it to ensure that there will be fucking. Because, well yeah, straight up, a guy buys this drink for me? Oh yeah, he’s getting some.

I don’t think that I’m the “slut in the minority” on this opinion, either. You can’t tell me that if a woman has this drink ordered for her? She’s not going to *know* what it is? I would need it explained to me how she could *know* he just spent three THOUSAND dollars for her to suck down one drink and then she’s going to offer her hand and say “good night?”  I hardly fuckin’ think so.

I’m not going to even try to play like I’ve refused drinks of  this caliber. Nor have I been offered one for that matter. But I’ve been on dates with the “there’s hardly any chance I’d fuck him” type of guys. After he orders you the second 20 dollar martini and he’s dropped 100 dollars on dinner? Yeah, you fuck him. or rather, I do.

This is not at all where I intended this blog to go. But who am I to complain about the paths the muse leads me down? However, I will try to bring my point back around. I think it’s actually kind of ridiculous. And all that i said previously? I would be *pissed* if the man in question ,throwing away that sort of money, was in a position where how he spent his money made a bit of difference in my world.

So am I saying that it would be perfectly correct for a nobody to buy this drink in a blatant attempt to impress me (i.e. get in my pants); yet  it would be absolutely wrong for the person who is already in them to buy the same drink for me? I think that is absolutely what I am saying. I guess I feel like ridiculous gestures from someone who already has impressed me is overkill. And I think deep down, even though I’d be impressed, I’d still feel a little bit of contempt that the nobody felt he had to work *that* hard.


~ by Layla on April 18, 2006.

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