Mr. Feigert is up Shitcreek.

Jesus Saves..Most

I am filing this under “Funny as Hell” but the truth is, I am really not amused by it. WHY SHOULD Gus get saved? The bit about asking Jesus to forgive us our sins, nullifies the sins. I get it.  However,  the system does seem to be skewed towards the “Gus’s” of the world. Be an ass all week n then go “get cleansed” on Sunday. In my opinion, that’s bullshit.

I am all about the ax murderer who wants to change his wicked ways and does the “get saved” thing. Yay him! But one should have to actually *CHANGE* for salvation to kick in. One should ask himself “What Would Jesus Do?” That’s why I’m not an admirer of “Death Bed Jesus Findings.” Cuz if the only question they have about Jesus’ activities is “Would he die now or in 30 seconds?”  It’s like “Yeah Dude, you were blameless and clean for about 30 seconds! Way to overcome temptation and walk the right path!”


~ by Layla on October 25, 2007.

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