The Chessboard Killer …

Russian Serial Killer Found Guilty of 49 Murders

Alexander Pichushkin

Typically a Russian trial would be heard before a panel of judges; Pichushkin, however,  requested a jury trial. He also insisted on being charged with 61 murders instead of just the 49 he was originally charged with.  It took the jury less than 4 hours to reach a ‘guilty’ verdict on all the charges, but it took the jury foreman over an hour to simply read aloud all the charges.  

The 33 year old supermarket worker claimed that he was one space shy of filling an entire chessboard-one square per victim.  His first murder allegedly was his best friend, whom he killed when he refused to commit a murder with him.

“it’s like first love — it’s unforgettable”

Prosecuters allege that he befriended his victims with vodka.  He began his spree by throwing them in a sewer, then he moved to shooting them in the head with a home-made gun. He graduated to beating them to death with a hammer.

Of all his victims, only 3 of them were women. Addicts, elderly, cripples; Pchushkin preyed on the dregs, on the weak.  An exterminator killer seemingly not sexually motivated in his murders. His mother claims he suffered a head injury at 4 years old. Clearly he has a God complex.

“I alone was prosecutor, I was the lawyer, jury, judge. I was whoever it needed to be. And I decided who was going to live and who wasn’t. I was just like God,”  


I don’t automatically believe that a high victim number makes one a worthy serial killer. There are so many other factors to be considered.  While I am a bigger fan of a killer who has a definite message, there is also something to be said about one that kills simply because he can.  The Russian press has alleged that Pichushkin felt in competion with  Andrei Chikatilo who was convicted of over 50 murders in the early 90’s.  If that is true, Alexander will go down in my estimation but 49 convicted murders is nothing to mock. He is far down the list of my favorites, but I definitely think I like him.




~ by Layla on October 25, 2007.

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