Missing Work.

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The radio station was chattering about this website.  I wonder where this site was when I needed it. They offered a free download of these templates for the best “caught lying to get out of work” story.

I only have one good story. All the casinos just did absences on a point system. X number of points for an absense and they don’t care why. So it’s not interesting to call them and say “not coming in. cuz I don’t want to.”  “Ok.”  For this particular instance tho? I didnt get popped by my job. They never knew, but it would have probably been better if they had.

 This was back 7 or 8 years ago.  A job I worked in between the casinos. Office gig and I didn’t have any vacation yet.  I was sooo needing a day off. So I claimed dead grandmother.  I just …found an old lady in the obituaries that was..plausible. I would have been willing to head over to the funeral if necessary.

 My job was totally cool with it.  I got the whole *week* off.  The only hitch was trying to convince them that “grandma would not have wanted flowers.”  “She would have preferred that we just keep things simple but my family appreciates the sentiment.” 

It would have been smooth sailing all the way but for my roommate at the time. The fucking bitch told my mother.  To this day, if my mom calls my job and i happen to be absent, or in the restroom, or any number of reasons why my voice mail or someone else would answer my phone; within 5 minutes, i get a voicemail on my cell phone. “hi. i was just making sure *i* haven’t died.”   I’m not sure i’d not rather have had the job know rather than the sad fact that i’ll never be allowed to live this down.


~ by Layla on November 1, 2007.

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