Net Suicide Pacts.

72 Saved After Internet Suicide Pacts

Police last year acted on reports of 121 internet users who suggested through message boards, chatrooms or other online functions that they would kill themselves, the National Police Agency said.

Of them, police talked 72 out of killing themselves, including nine who were actually in the midst of a suicide attempt.

Another 33 cases were considered hoaxes or not serious, while in 16 cases police could not locate the individuals.

It did not give figures for the number of people who killed themselves without police intervention

I would think that most people who are *actually* going to kill themselves are off  DOING IT. And not just….chatting about it. I’m not gunna try to say that no one who talks about it refrains from offing himself, but i think on the whole, the talking about it is just crying for help, attention whoring, what have you.

 And perhaps this is harsh, but I really think if a group of people get together and all they can talk about is their lack of want to be in the world and that they *all* want to kill themselves? ok. bye. I don’t think anyone should intervene. let them.  The world might be better off without that group of emotastic little whiners.

I also don’t have a lot of …respect for those who need to find mob courage in order to actually pull it off. Again, I don’t believe most of those actually want to *end it*  nor will they, in most cases. Left to their own devices, I bet the majority of them wouldn’t.


~ by Layla on February 16, 2008.

One Response to “Net Suicide Pacts.”

  1. Not to mention, that being able to find a group of people such as that who you can connect and relate to, sort of negates the major reason why someone would commit suicide anyway.

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