Live and Let Live(r), I Always Say…

Prince Charles Put the Royal Beat-down on Foie Gras

 Prince Charles will not allow foie gras to be served in his personal residences ostensibly because of the “cruelty” involved with gavage, force-feeding the birds to fatten them and their liver immediately preceding their slaughter for the fattened livers.

About 3 weeks before “The Day” the birds are gathered up and fed the grain through  a tube. Basically, the grain product is just shoved down their throat. PETA claims that the insertion and removal of the feeding tube scratch the throat and the esophagus, causing irritations and wounds and thus exposing the animal to risk of mortal infections. Well, that’s sort of a moot worry for the sake of the birds, yes? they *are* going to die. and very soon. Really, one could almost say they are immune to any such infection.

I’ve had Pate’ de foie gras. At the moment I was eating it, I felt sure it was the best thing I have had in my mouth. Pate’ is probably the only way i could bring myself to eat and enjoy liver. Mira Poix is one of many gourmet online food-shops where this heavenly stuff can be bought for …quite a few dollars. It is also as expensive as hell.


foie gras

This post wasn’t really supposed to be about vegetarianism or tree huggers or anything like that, but I find that as I sit here thinking about it, this, too irritates me.   Again, like so often on other issues, “We feel as tho this is a cruel practice so we are not gonna eat pate` or,  hell, meat for that matter. And furthermore we feel as tho the practice should be outlawed.”  I really don’t have a huge beef with Prince Charles saying “OK I don’t like this. I’m not going to serve this. ever” That is a personal choice and more power to him for having beliefs and making proactive choices to live up to his own. 

The other way is just SO ……Republican. “I believe this is wrong. so therefore no one should get to do it!”  I love pate’!  It tastes good! So you there with no steak on your plate, just go eat another carrot and shut the hell up. Although, in the interest of unbiased reporting (like I’m so unbiased, right?) , here is the link for the PROPAGANDA the other side is touting. 

that page says: 

 A farm worker grabs each duck and, one by one, thrusts a metal pipe down their throats so that a mixture of corn can be forced directly into their gullets. In just a matter of weeks, the ducks become grossly overweight and their livers expand up to 10 times their normal size.

However, “The Welfare Aspects of the Production of Foie Gras in Ducks and Geese,” a report by The Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare from December of 1998 says:

During the force feeding period, birds which had previously been fed an increasing but limited amount of food are forcibly fed large amounts of food twice per day for about two weeks (ducks) or three times per day for about three weeks (geese).

My point is simply that the opponents make it seem as though, there are many weeks invested in gagging a goose with grain. And it’s simply not true.  Oh well, more for me!

~ by Layla on February 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Live and Let Live(r), I Always Say…”

  1. You’re attitude strikes me as particularily selfish & self absorbed. Although not a vegetarian (so don’t call me a tree-hugger) I do try to avoid supporting the most egregious of animal welfare offenses. I don’t eat veal or pate, I buy free range eggs, try to purchase humanely raised meat to the best of my ability. It’s not perfect, but I do what I can. And, just because the animal is “going to die anyway”, doesn’t mean needless suffering prior to slaughter should be allowed or ignored. Have you ever experienced a “tickle” in your throat & how irritating that can be. Well imagine having your throat scraped raw by a metal tube, then get infected & swollen, only to have it repeatedly jammed & poked with a metal tube increasing the irritation & sensitivity each time. This is what I am referring to. If anything we owe it to these animals who give their lives to feed us, to treat them EXTRA KINDLY as an act of compassion & gratitude for their ultimate sacrifice. It’s one thing to eat animals, it’s quite another to ignore suffering, dismissing it’s significance as irrelevant when compared to your “appetites”.

  2. Well. I wouldn’t call you a tree hugger. How you choose to persue your animal activisim is exactly what I was giving kudos to Prince Charles for. And again, i applaud you, too, for making dietary choices that support your beliefs.

    My bigger point was less about the birds anyway. People do not like the “gavage” method of aquiring the foie gras. Well I do not like the gavage method used on me with morals and rules. If enough people don’t want a product, that in itself will simply wipe out the market for said product. I hesitate to say this and stir THIS issue up, but to illustrate, it is almost impossible to find veal here.

    I simply do not believe that just cuz you do not like the methods commonly used to aquire foie gras, that I should not be able to eat it if that’s what I want to do.

  3. Well, I love it. Unfortunately I cannot afford it so often, but when I am lucky enough, I have no qualms about eating it. I am thrilled that there are writers that don’t lie to themselves. Do you have any idea how often I have had guests that refused to eat foie gras at the table and then I found them gulping the lot in the kitchen afterwards?

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