Fashion Week in Paris!

I am seriously digging the Chisato on the left. It makes me think of Snow White.  With TEXTURE!!!! The Leroy on the right is just a beautiful dress.  It doesn’t even seem that far out,  like most clothing on the runway seem at first glance.  I am willing to believe though, it’s me. Translation: I don’t get the designer’s ….vision.


Gaultier ran the gamut between repulsion and lust for me.

(Do you sorta get the idea that I’m *into* red dresses?) I love this dress on the right, I’m even willing to forgive it the clear 60’s feel. Looking at that dress?I want to just re-embrace the era, backcomb my hair, and revel!

Then there was his …fur. This girl to my right makes me want to cry. While I will probably be able to resist the urge to burst into tears, this disturbed feeling will not leave me.  I want to take her aside and be all “Hunny, do you not realize there is a dead…animal laying on you?”  The chick above me looks like a giant beaver is eating her head. On her tho? had we lost the fur? I think I’d be into that outfit.

This Jeremy Scott to  my left, sheer and utter Ghetto Fabulous! Absolutely FULL of win! I want it! right now!  

I can’t even beging to describe that breathtaking color of red in the Celine Dress above me. It’s floaty and ethereal. And ooo the hemline on that skirt!!!

Dior: Total 60’s flashback and while I dig the jacket AND that coat, I am NOT backcombing my fucking hair!

 I had a hard time choosing even these because while nothing in the collection bothered me, nothing caught my attention in a positive fashion either.  Blahblahblah.

Here we go with the red again, right? I love this whole quasi-anime thing Artsuro Tayama has going with this. Like everyone has huge hoods on and every piece of clothing needs a hood that one wears, this is NOT the worst. What a pretty “little black dress”! I’m back on the “it’s so floaty” ravings.  i love the drapiness, the little capey thing, the fact that it looks like the whole dress would weigh about 1/4 of an ounce.I am not, however, as into that whole weird androgyne thing the model has going on.  My interpretation of Wauchob’s …msg is perhaps she is trying to get people to focus on how pretty her dress is and not the model. She needs not worry. With no adornment, that girl is almost homely.

Ok. Let’s talk about Androgeny, shall we?  Bruno Pieters envisioned this perfect robots to model his clothes. Robots with lucious, biteable lips. I love the almost harsh lines of these clothes. The neutrals, fabrics, again with the cut of the clothes.  the only thing that worries me is the whole Queen Elizabeth thing. THE NECKRUFF CAN NOT COME BACK IN FASHION! NO NO NO! 


 Vivianne Westwood. Gotta dig the braids.  Having her skin drawn on is incredibly hot, too. The model is disturbing me cuz I know I recognize her. Is that Laeticia Casta? As to what I can see of that dress? I’m thinking “No.”

Ahhhh. Lagerfeld. I like. muchly. Black is just a win.  But paired with a wooly yet somehow sparkly jacket? Even better. Then there would be that suit. It’s in no way original to pair a rigidly tailored man style tuxedo jacket with a flippy poofy skirt. But nonetheless, throw on a crinoline and a ruffly black blouse and it is still nothing less than perfection!

OH what the hell is that? it looks like she cut the fingers out of a giant’s glove for to wear it as a dress. What a bitch eating would be in that thing. You’d pile up the crumbs. That is a huge thumbs down.


OK this whole cream thing Givenchy has going on is very interesting. I would like to see that outfit in a closer picture but I think I like it from this distance. I especially dig the skirt. Now on my right, she PITIES THE FOOL THAT DON’T WEAR G’S CLOTHES!

So much it’s just funny looking.  



I’ve spent plenty of time bitching about the retro sixties groove so many designers put out.  I might be wrong here, but these 2 from Balmain put me in a definite 70’s disco sort of place. The one on the right with the lace and cutouts is very nice. “Nice” is such a banal word, but unfortunately, I can’t think of a stronger word.










To the left, another black dress. This time Andrew Gn. Honestly, taken as a whole I do not think this is a pretty dress, but looking at the different aspects that make up the dress: the sleeves, the fishtailing of the skirt, the neckline and the gathering under the breasts, it has some fantastic elements in it. (It looks floaty too!)  Above me to the right, the red Valli.  oh oh oh. Just so nice with the fluffy boa collar type dealio.  The more I look at the fabric of the dress, the more I think I am not in love with it. It looks like that shiny rather rough fabric.  But the cut, shape, and that crazy collary thing makes up for it.












Ungaro. Yum. The drapy messy outfit. While I do not care for the outfit? I love the pairing of  the warm wooly cardigan sweater with the thin filmy pants. I’m not sure about the bunched up part at her waist. Nor am I terribly in love with that shawly thing wadded up around her shoulders. As to the white wrappy sweater? I <3. Very very much.  I want that sweater. Right this second. I want to have that sweater on every moment for the rest of my life and then I want to be buried in that sweater.

Valentino is one of my favorite designers; and while the red dress to the left is not a triumph of originality, there is nothing horrible about it. It just is not hugely exciting. Which brings me to the mess on my right. I can’t stop staring at the picture. It’s not even so much like a dress as it is as if 45 minutes before the fashion show, they suddenly said “Oh fuck! we have 12 models and 11 formal dresses! Here. you. come here. the one with no dress. Yes, we are wrapping you up in chiffon. All it needs is a ……bow. Yes. Right there. Wad it up a little for flounce. Very, very nice. What’s that you say? Of course it will be ok. This is Valentino.  You are stutting down the catwalk in it. Hence, it is FASHION.”

I love this Singh to my left. Is it a motorcycle jacket? Is it a sari? It’s both! fashion for the well dressed hindu badgirl! Above me to the right, there are so many things right with that Lacroix outfit that I am not sure I could critisize it even if I wanted to. The gold jacket paired with the print bottom is very exciting to me.

I love that Bui suit. The green is fabulous. The cut and drape are excellent; the gloves are also choice. I could live without that bigass necklace. Really though,  my biggest complaint with this outfit is the lampshade hat. What is up with that?  



I love Stella McCartney’s stuff although it’s very  It’s beautiful but it is done. My only real issue with either of these outfits , is the pants in the suit. I seriously hope that those little skinny/legging pants do not come back into style.  I do not like them nor do they work for me.



Yamamoto seems to be a god of seperates.  On each of these outfits, I’m loving each piece. I just do not like them together. At all. And oh my god, what is the deal with that hat? it’s ……….really something.




~ by Layla on February 28, 2008.

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