“The Ogre of the Ardennes”

French Serial Killer

 Michel Fourniret

At first glance, I want to say that Michel Fourniret doesn’t look like a serial killer. However, upon further study , I think he bears a striking resemblance to Albert Fish. This story is filled with little side thoughts that leave me stumbling to stay on track subject wise because I also want to insert that he does not look like what I would think a “forestry worker” would look like. That makes me think “Park Ranger” type and this guy looks like a professer type. And very very French.

I am not exactly sure why he is standing trial for these seven murders that he has already confessed to. I will not claim to have any knowledge of the French Judicial System but perhaps they are skipping right to the penalty phase? His wife ,  Monique Olivier is charged with 1 count of murder and 4 counts of complicity.


 So there we have it. Another serial killer team. And *another* case of the female team member rolling on the male to save her own ass. I always find that bit amusing, too.

The Times online says he is making bizarre demands such as trying to certify that the women on his jury were virgins at marriage, refusing to speak, etc. Seems to me like he is going to try to play the insane card. No stranger to prison, he was in for rape in the early 80’s which is how he met his wife. Prison penpals. He promised to kill her first husband if she would find him a virgin.  The romance that many lasting relationships are built on. The couples that kill together are still together? This virginity thing is very big with him, huh?


his chateaux


Yahoo says he purchased his chateaux (pictured above) with stolen funds. He allegedly shared a cell with a bank robber in prison and got convinced him to divulge his hiding place. According the yahoo, Fourniret set out with the bankrobber’s girlfriend to the mentioned spot which was correct and instead of splitting the booty with her, he killed her and kept it all for himself. So much for “honor among thieves.”


Fourniret, a bespectacled chess player who likes to quote Russian literature, is concerned that the trial may delve into things he would prefer to hide, notably his problem with premature ejaculation.

well, guess that’s a moot concern now, huh? it’s on the internet. we all know.

~ by Layla on March 28, 2008.

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