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Mexican Anti-Emo Riots

Fall Out Boy


“They’re organizing to defend their right to be emo,” wrote Daniel Hernandez of LA Weekly.

Damn. I mean they just want to feel things. Deeply.  What’s wrong with that? Mostly the music in my opinion. Not to say I’m not a fan of some emo music. But overall, it’s whiny and self-piteous and “oh wow my life sucks.” It seems to me that with most people, tho, that the emo phase is over by about ….16. Which is something I do not understand. 16 is kind of where real life starts. These kids are having to start getting jobs. Think about college. Pondering the answer to the question of birth control or not. It takes hindsight to realize in a slightly ironic manner that right about the time life DOES start to suck is when most of these little whiny bitches stop crying about it.

Emoboys’ fashion. that’s my other area of non-understanding. HOW DO YOU WALK IN THOSE LITTLE JEANS ? I mean I get that it probably helps pull the bitches if not only do you feel things so deeply but she can also actually SEE what you’re packin’ thru your denim. But again…HOW DO YOU WALK?

 As to the article? I see no reason to beat the little pansies up. Although, I’d not even blog if it was simply just grabbing them by their dirty hair and slapping them in their whiny faces. I’d shrug and go on. 

emo boy


~ by Layla on March 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “emotastic musings”

  1. I find emobands amusing on a whole other level, because it takes a special brand of stupid to keep being depressed when earning a bajillion dollars an hour as your fans lap up your new single which sounds exactly the same as the last which was a blatant ripoff of the same tired old shit we’ve had since Kurt swallowed a shotgun blast at high velocity.

  2. Thank u 🙂 take a look that emo boy style on this blog:

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