The TruckStop Killer…

Another Truck Driving Serial Killer


Bruce Mendenhall


Blood from 10 different people was (sic) found last year inside the truck

Fox News is quoted as saying “police said he confessed to killing five other people in Tennessee, Indiana, Alabama and Georgia” 

I need to find victim photos. cuz this could be interesting. Mostly prostitute victims, so pretty typical. Altho while also typicially, most are saying he and his entire family were “weird” ; In this same Fox story, they report that he ran for mayor in his little backwoods town about a decade ago based on a dispute with the city over junked out cars on his property. He lost to the preacher he ran against.

I think i am going to come back to this story mostly cuz i’m just not in the mood to do it.

He isn’t destined to be one of my better liked serial killers, i can already tell that. 






~ by Layla on April 11, 2008.

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