Scott Is Going To Jail!


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Scott Weiland, lead singer for the band Stone Temple Pilots, was sentenced on Monday to eight days in jail for drunken driving, a spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office said.


It was not immediately clear how Weiland’s sentencing might affect his reunion tour with Stone Temple Pilots, who played their first show together in nearly eight years earlier this month. The band was scheduled to kick off a 65-date series of concerts in North American amphitheaters starting May 17

NOT IMMEDIATELY CLEAR?  well lemme explain it to you:  it’s gunna fuck it up! i have tickets for a show that’s posta be on the 7th of June. that is the DAY AFTER he supposedly gets outta jail..




He’s so beautiful and i love him. but this is PISSING ME OFF! I had always figured in the back of my mind, no way this whole reunion thing will work out. it’s also possible the Deleo brothers will kill him. on stage.  I just sorta hoped that it would be the stage i’m looking at. or AFTER i see them.

Cuz me? sitting outside for 12 hours with fifty thousand people? this is NOT my idea of a good time.   Soooo if STP won’t be there, i don’t really wanna go.  We shall see. Updates will be forthcoming.


~ by Layla on April 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “NO NO NO!!!”

  1. UPDATE!

    Scott checked himself into jaul yesterday morning to begin his 8 day sentence.

    this article wonders how he will make the kick off date of the tour, May 17th? Honestly I don’t really give a shit since I’m not supposed to see them until June 7th. BUT. The way I understand the California penal system, you get one day knocked off your sentence for each day of good behaviour. THAT would put him at a 4 day sentence, releasing him on friday, the 16th.

    Go Scott! Keep your pimp hand strong!

  2. UPDATE #2!

    My original upadate was obsolete when i typed it.

    so he showed up to surrender himself to The Man at 8:55 am. was booked at 12:30ish and was full on released at 6:45 pm.

    Yay! Well…I mean it sucks again to realize that based on who you are, the laws and the system does not apply to some. of course, that’s a whole other can of worms i’m not going into here…

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