Penguin Rape.

King Penguin Taken Advantage of by Fur Seal

I’m not sure when a news story has amused me as much. Its like a Far Side comic gone horribly awry. Scientific blogs are all bejiggedy about it. I just think that the penguin had….animal magnetism?

“While the seal’s “junk” was visible, it did not penetrate the victim. This was further verified by the researchers post coitus… Perhaps most tellingly, after 45 minutes, the seal “abruptly moved into the sea and completely ignored the penguin,” leading the researchers to postulate that the fur seal was “some a-hole frat guy.”

 penguin rape

This would be “sexual harassment.”  For people, it could be “your hair really looks nice today.” Sort of puts things in perspective, huh? I think sexual harassment is a real problem but it’s often a used as a weapon.  I think, tho, when you’ve been held down and mounted for 45 minutes you’ll KNOW you’ve been sexually harassed.

~ by Layla on May 6, 2008.

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