Diamonds may not be HIS best friend..

Sell His Triflin’ Bling

A new genre of online jewelry store is growing on the horizon.  Breakup Jewelry Stores.  The premise being you no longer want to wear the crap he gave you, right?  painful memories, guilt, any of a plethora of emotions associated with that ring, that pendant, etc.  

While you could also take it to a pawn shop, that’s depressing. Because often you know what he paid for it. Unless you are literally desperate for cash, one hundred fifty bucks for the ring you know for which he paid a grand is just not an option.  I remember that feeling.  I didn’t need the money and while I wanted that damn ring gone, I was not willing to let it go for that cheap. I ended up sitting on it for almost a year and a half before selling it privately. Had this service been available sooner, I would have almost definitely used it.



Three months after its launch with the slogan “You Don’t Want It. He Can’t Have It Back,” Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry Dot Com has 3,000 registered users and more than 600 postings of rings, bracelets and earrings for sale — all with a personal tale attached.

 I browsed. That’s like the gimmick.  You post your thumbnailed horror story and bitch about him and in exchange you get to sell your jewelry without any service charges.

The article whined about people being up in arms about the slogan; the “he can’t have it back” bit. I’m honestly not seeing why that’s an issue for anyone. In my opinion, he can’t. With the exception of engagement rings, anything else he gives her is exactly that: a gift. End of story. It is hers.  Vice versa the shit she gave him.

Engagement rings are a bit stickier.  While I’m not any sort of legal authority and i may be completely wrong from a legal standpoint , this is simply my opinion and how i feel about it.  A marriage is not just a celebration of 2 people’s love before God and all that crap, it’s also a legal partership/contract. So an engagement ring, in a way, is like an earnest deposit and not so much a gift. Thinking about it like that; once the wedding happens, the contract has been fulfilled. That ring is hers. No two ways about it.

If he breaks the engagement, I believe he forfeits his *right* to the engagement ring. I think the same goes for her. Now, that being said, I can think of a million different scenarios when just plain old common decency would dictate that the ring changes hands in the opposite direction of what I just said. If he calls off the wedding because he *caught* her cheating, she OUGHT to give the ring back.  Justifiable Contact Cancelling should NOT nullify your right to get back your deposit, yanno? Technically though, I think I’d officially rule that even if he walked in on her with his best friend inflagranti delicto, he has lost his claim to the ring, unless somehow there was clear cut agreement.

Caveat Emptor.  While I am intensely digging all my superfluous latin, I swear that was it.  “Let the buyer beware.”  Mostly because he does have more of a risk with these sorts of shenanigans.  Realistically, he should probably resign himself to the fact that no matter what happens, once he buys an engagement ring, that money is gone.  Possession is 9/10 of the law and all that crap. Once she has it, there is no promise she WILL act right and give it back if she should.  I wonder how many engagement rings are on that site based ON him walking in on her ?



~ by Layla on May 8, 2008.

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