Occasionally There is Justice.

Cyber-Bully Indicted on Federal Charges

Most people who know me are well versed in my proclivity to make fun of news stories involving a crime.  For no other reason than that, in my opinion, they generally are funny.  Be it the method, the victim, the perpetrator, or the circumstances; so often with most crimes, there is a level of amusement for me.  Occasionally though, there is an event that truly does get to me.  These stories are the ones that affect me so deeply, I cry over them. I stay up at night turning it over and over in my head. The Megan Meier story is one of those. 

megan meiers

To give the backstory as succinctly as possible, Megan was a 13 year old girl with some problems.  She saw a therapist, she had a weight issue, and she was taking medication for depression, etc.  She was also a 13 year old girl: obnoxious. over dramatic. and prone to mood swings. No, I didn’t know her, but show me a 13 female who’s not those things and i bet she’s in a coma. SO ANYWAY….

She had a MySpace account that her mother monitored. She started getting messages from a “hot boy” named Josh.  They got friendly and then …..it stopped. One day, Josh no longer wanted to be friends with her.  They had words, culminating in an alleged message telling Megan that the world would be a better place without her.  Less than an hour later, she was dead.  She hanged herself in her closet from a belt. 

Her parents were sad that their troubled little girl had ended her life. And curiously, Josh’s account had been deleted.  Six weeks after Megan’s death, a neighbor informed them that Josh never existed. He was a character created simply to “mess with” Megan.  The mastermind of this scheme was Lori Drew.  The mother of a girl Megan’s age (see above “13-year olds” ) that shared a stormy on/off friendship with her.

Lori Drew

This was a woman in her 40’s that was very well acquainted with the family, vacations together, time spent with Megan, given the daughters’ friendship.  She was well aware the problems that Megan suffered.  Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but the impression the story left me with is that this grown-up woman in her 40’s wanted to take a very young girl who was messed up to start with, convince her that she had a ….net boyfriend and then JERK IT ALL AWAY FROM HER. OH! and let me not forget to mention that part of the plan, too, was to make sure there was an audience to witness Megan’s humiliation.  

Missouri declined to press any criminal charges from this incident.    “We did not have a charge to fit it,” Lt. Craig McGuire, spokesman for the sheriff’s department says “I don’t know that anybody can sit down and say, ‘This is why this young girl took her life.'”

I’m finding myself disagreeing. While i don’t doubt at all that Mrs. Drew had no wish for Megan to die, I think her intention to cause damage and hurt is very apparent.  Sounds like manslaughter to me! Enter the Feds!

As early as January of 2008, The feds were looking into the possibility of prosecuting her for wire and cyber fraud.



Lori Drew was indicted this morning (May 15) in Los Angeles on federal charges for fraudulently using an account on MySpace. The indictment charges Drew in four counts — one count for conspiracy and three counts “for accessing protected computers without authorization to obtain information to inflict emotional distress,” according to a press release. The latter charge relates to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

The indictment (.pdf) alleges that Drew and her co-conspirators violated MySpace’s terms of service, which require registrants to provide truthful registration information and refrain from soliciting personal information from anyone under 18 or using information obtained from MySpace services to harass or harm other people, among other terms

I think she is guilty of manslaughter, and this way? there is every possibility that she will do more time in prison than she would have if the state had filed charges against her!  I have no sympathy for this woman. none.  She picked on a child and in my opinion there is no worse crime.  I’m glad there is a possibility of actual prison for her. She absolutely deserves it.  Her actions were beyond despicable and they should have comparable consequences.

I think that is where my upset is.  it’s not what actually happened in the play, it’s the characters.  Had it been 2 teenagers,  I don’t think I would have thought it was that big of a deal. Girls are mean.  Generally in ways that boys can’t even conceive of (without the help of a girl).  And girls do mean things to each other. That’s just the way it works.  So if the girl making the fake Myspace had been 14 or 15, it’d be like “wow. that mean little bitch!”  and life would go on.

Had it been 2 adults? now, that would have fit into the first sentence of this post.  I would have laughed my ass off.  And I’m not sure I’d feel as though any real *crime* had been committed.  There are no laws against being puerile and cruel.  Perhaps this is a flaw in my character, but between adults,  I’m not convinced there should be.  Another share that might show a deficit in myself, but had both of the players been adults?  I’d think worse of the suicide, “Oh my god, you fucking retard, If you got that upset over what someone on the *Internet* said about you?  it’s better that you DID off yourself!”

But it wasn’t 2 adults, unfortunately.  It was a little girl set up for humiliation.  a little girl who  was at an age where acceptance is everything and she felt as tho the cards were stacked against her to start with.   And that woman knew it.  Megan’s father understood that ultimately it was her own choice to do what she did, but i agree with him that “it was like someone handed her a loaded gun.”



~ by Layla on May 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Occasionally There is Justice.”

  1. I completely agree with your assessment of this tragedy. Lori Drew didn’t pull the trigger – but she did load the gun, hand it to Megan and tell her to shoot.

    The Drews and the Meiers knew each other pretty well. Couldn’t Lori have spoken with Tina about their daughters’ differences? They both had in common the challenge of raising a 13-year-old girl. They could have laughed about the petty dramas and had a sit-down with mothers and daughters. Even if the problems couldn’t have been resolved that way, at least Lori would have tried. Then she’d have had a case to take to the school or the police.

    Lori Drew had other options to protect her own child.

    Instead, Lori Drew had to stoop to the lowest level possible. And now Megan is dead and her family’s life is in tatters.

    No matter what happens in the courts, I don’t feel that we will actually see true justice for this terrible act.

  2. well …..

    i actually meant justice in so far as . normally when the feds get involved in a situation, they screw it up and totally rape the constitution and our rights as citizens. it’s not often that they get in and actually make a bad situation better. a situation where without federal charges, there was very little Megan’s parents could have done. They basically had no recourse for a criminal or a civil prosecution. 😦

    but you’re absolutely right. Lori Drew will NOT get “what she deserves”

  3. I won’t keep commenting, but your reply about the Meiers having no civil recourse raises a question. Couldn’t the Meiers sue the Drews for mental cruelty?

    And, yes, I’m glad that the feds got involved also. I always thought that in every state there is some law someplace that outlaws acts of malice. I’d lay a bet that what Lori Drew did would have qualified as some type of crime if the Missouri criminal justice system had been motivated enough to pursue it.

    I think we’re still a long way from knowing all the scoop surrounding this strange and very tragic case.

    Thank you for writing about this.

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