Abandoned at Wal-Mart

It’s official. One can return *anything* at Wal-mart, with or without a receipt

The only clues police have are a hand written note along with a bottle and diapers found in a pack back he was wearing

Isn’t that a bitch?  Dumped off at Wal-Mart.  With a note from your mom.  Calling you “Martin.”  Sad thing is, the foster parents say the kid doesn’t answer to Martin.  So his mom took away his mom, his home, his name….


Firstly, I’d not abandon my child like a mangy kitten.  But if, for the sake of the discussion, I was going to?  I would have perhaps took him to a store where the clientele was a little more ……prepared for the strain of another child.  I feel like if I’m desperate enough to (metaphorically) pin the sign (Free Child To Good Home) on my kid’s back, I should at least try to set him up nicely.

Puzzling to me, however, is why the police want to reunite him with his family. Why? His family clearly did not want him. There is no mistake.  She did not just “forget him.” Note and everything. She dumped him off.  I think the priority here should be to find this baby a new home where he has a decent shot of getting to stay.



~ by Layla on June 18, 2008.

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