Rockfest Revisited

\m/ ROCKFEST \m/


It has taken me forever and a day to get around to doing this blog.  Since June 7, 2008.  It’s probably just as well I did not post immediately after, though. “WOW” might have been the only thing I could have been able to say.  It’s odd that while there was just so much that is softened and blurred, leaving mostly impressions; other memories are just as clear, perhaps even sharper with time.  The glare of a blistering sun and the crush of countless strangers.  Sweat and lemonade.  A parade of endless fashion mistakes and the tangy perfume of sunscreen.  Absolute and total exhilaration.  Even as I type, I get a smile on my face thinking back.

Arial View Of Crowd 

Ever been curious as to what 50,000 people looked like?  It sort of blends, you know. it’s just “an assload of ’em.”  It honestly didn’t look that much different to me when I’ve been to other shows at our normal outdoor venue, Sandstone, which is a 22,000 capacity.  Can you see me?  I can pick myself out if I squint. If you can not, you are obviously not trying hard enough.

Here is the other thing that freaked me out, albeit in the good way.  Absolutely fucking endlessly, all we heard on the radio station that put on this show was “the main rule is respect…….for god’s sake, act like you have sense…..There is going to be a TON of people and it’s going to be hot, please be nice.”  And people did. The stats they released the following Monday morning,  only 4 arrests were made and less than 20 people were tossed from the site.  Of course there were a few rude bitches that thought the concept of “lines” did not apply to them; but aside from them, everyone was polite.  It was “excuse me,” “thank you,” “please,”  and “would it be ok if I _____?”

Porta Potty Land

It wasn’t all fairyland and roses, however. Up above this paragraph is one of the nasty realities of 50,000 people.  There were about 10 connected semi circles like this.  I don’t know how many there were, but I do know that there 30,000 margaritas and 104,000 beers sold.  I also know that there rarely seemed to be an actual line to the potties.  I also know that the only thing i hate more than using a portapotty is to actually piss on myself.  And I also knew that in order to protect against the latter, I’d have to give in on the former.  Once. I was only willing to go once. Period. Yes, it was stupid.  Yes, I know i risked dehydration. And yes, I also realize if Sarah had drank more water, she probably would not have been sick later.  What can I say? Sometimes I allow my inner child to run things.  And she was not willing to do the “Wide Stance and Straddle” except that one time. at 4pm.  Midpoint.

 <3 Scott!!!!

I won’t ramble too long about the music.   There were several bands I was very stoked about seeing live. And several bands I didn’t give a rat’s ass about. And there were a few songs I was interested in hearing live.  In all honesty though, I probably would not have attended, if not for Stone Temple Pilots.  Admittedly, I had a lot of pre-show worry about Scott, what with the jail and all.  But he came through for me like a champ.

Sevendust.  I could ramble for several paragraphs but I won’t. It made me sad that the majority of the crowd didn’t seem appropriately awed.  I do understand, though, that Sevendust is probably just too hard for the mainstream masses.  Taking STP out of the equation, they were my number one reason for wanting to go that day and when they stepped off the stage after bringing it, you knew it had been brought.  I could have left happy when Sevendust left the stage except for the vague sadness that the set was too short.

~ by Layla on July 24, 2008.

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