A Committed Consumer

Superfluous 911 Calls

One of the reasons I think I go to Subway so often is that it’s relatively cheap and can be almost “good for you.”  I also like the fact that I actually supervise the creation of my sandwich.  Subway has replaced Burger King as the ultimate “your way” fast food establishment.

I need my sandwiches “my way.” Not only am i pretty picky about what goes on my sandwich, I also generally ask for it to be added to my sandwich in a specific manner. Yes, I am a pain in the ass.  I can’t imagine just ‘ordering’ a sandwich.  Even at higher end sub shops than Subway, where you can order sandwiches that are …preassigned, I have to have them different.  Sometimes it is as easy as leaving off the mayonnaise.


sub sammich

Occasionally, inexplicably the system breaks down and you don’t get it exactly how you want it.  Reginald Peterson did not.  He wanted mayo and did not get it.  This part confuses me.  I don’t grasp how anyone could want mayo.  I always order without and if that does not work, I start throwing the “allergic” tantrum.  That’s right. I said it.

However, this is about Reginald and not me.  He wanted the mayo and did not get it and somehow was not able to resolve this problem to his personal satisfaction by dealing with the subway staff.  Somewhere along the transaction, communication completely broke down and they would not do it.

He wanted that mayo.  Very badly.  So badly, in fact, that when there continued to be no sandwich created to his specifications, he decided to bring in reinforcements. He called “911” to summons the police to get them to come down and *make* the staff prepare his sandwich how he wanted it.


Then the police did not cooperate. So he was forced to make another “911” call to enquire where the police were and why they were taking so long.  It’s sad when society is so bogged down with crime and emergencies that they are too busy to respond to the needs of the citizens.

You know, I sort of feel for the guy.  Clearly, he was hellbent on forcing those bastards TO do it “his way.”  I am actually surprised that the story unfolded in this fashion and not that he pulled out a semi-automatic and went postal.  I am pleasantly surprised, don’t get me wrong.  I just think he’s not getting proper credit for handling the situation as he did.  I think it was good that he sublimated* his desire to force the Subway employees to follow his directions by calling in a higher power.

*Did you really think you were going to escape this story without a single pun?

~ by Layla on August 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Committed Consumer”

  1. So, I am a little late replying to this one, but, it seems to me he picked the worst Subway on the planet to go into. It is not like they charge extra for mayo. It is not like it can’t be added after the fact. I commend the guy for attempting to get his issue resolved by going over the heads of the staff, however, he may have gotten better luck with the police had it been a doughnut shop. Unfortunately a true cliche. I wonder if Subway’s head office got hold of this one and did something about it? One of their main objectives is customer satisfaction.

  2. Wow enjoyed reading this post. I added your rss to my blogreader.

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