My Kind Of Carnival.

Tourists Hang Out at Alleged Serial Killer’s House

Hundreds of people rolled into the tiny village of Jatiwates to watch authorities dig up a suspect’s backyard for bodies.  340 miles from the Indonesian capital of Jarkarta, this place, clearly does not get a lot of action otherwise. Neighbors rented out their yards for parking and set up stands. Some of the more entrepreneurial ones set up an impromptu market with balloons.


Can you imagine crowds of people hanging out …eating snacks as the police exhumed corpses from a backyard? The smell of decomposition hanging in the humid air ,invading their nostrils: I bet they could taste the death in their mouths. That would sort of put me off eating roasted meat, but a Tshirt might be nice. “Limb Dig 2008: I Went”

Police have arrested Very Idam Henyansyah, who they allege killed at least 11 men and women. Police also said he admitted, then denied, carrying out the murders.

The case has been front page news for several weeks.

Henyansyah, a 30-year-old unemployed man known to his friends as Ryan, was arrested in mid-July after police identified a mutilated body as one of his dates.

They later dug up more alleged victims, several of whom had worked out at a local fitness centre.

Police said the murders took place in the past two years, and warned there could be more victims. Among the 11 found so far were a women and her three-year-old daughter buried in the septic tank of the suspect, who has been questioned but not formally charged so far.

I am not exactly sure where the dilemma lies. He confessed. Although he recanted, they are finding the bodies buried in his yard.  Seems pretty open and shut to me.

The whole thing does sound like a pretty good time, though; taking a little road trip out to the sticks in a picturesque little village. You hang out with other people and watch a show.  It is comparable to a circus, if you think about it. There is stink associated with both, you can buy snacks and souvenirs at both, and Henyansyah pointing out “graves” could be likened to a Ringmaster.  The difference, though, is that at a circus you only get clowns.  Here we get corpses!


~ by Layla on August 13, 2008.

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