Identifying With the Urban Experience

The Urban Dictionary

I have The Urban Word of the Day on My Yahoo. I usually know a lot of ’em. However, I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t learn a lot of words and adopt many of these new phrases into my personal lexicon.  From time to time, I’m even been shocked at the things that I find there. There have been phrases introduced into my world that I have wished I could remove. But you can’t undo knowledge and in these cases, it makes me sad.

“Cheesing,” for instance: I felt worse about life when I read that definition and I realized that the knowledge of the phenomenon was inside my head.  However, I do not want to allow myself to get sidetracked and go there.  I need to stay focused on why I felt like thinking about the Urban Dictionary.

The phrase is “The Royal We.” Using that is not slang. It’s not even particularly urban. Royalty has always used it:

The “We” is the King/Queen and God. It was originally in recognition that royalty derives its power from appointment by God.
“We are not amused.” The King (or Queen) is acting as God’s representative on Earth and is letting the recipient know that neither of them are amused.

For that matter, so have I.  Yes, I think a lot of myself.  Although, around 17 or so, I made a conscious decision to stop saying it unless I was really trying to annoy someone.  Or more likely, I realized that perhaps I should not be so blunt pointing out my superiority to boys.

Truth be told, I pointed it out to everyone. I would answer questions in class “Yes, We did do our homework and the noun in that predicate is ……” We were correct, too.  Sadly, God was often busy and left the simple things, like homework doing, to me.  But I’m not a credit hog, I was willing to give God half since we are a team. The teacher finally asked “WHO is ‘We?” “Me and God.” I can still remember the smirk on her face and the sick realization that We lost credibility with that small grammatical error.

At home, it was much the same.  However, my mother never got snippy about it.  She generally took anything we (in this case, “we” being my brothers and I) did in stride:

  • her: “What do you want for dinner?”
  • me: “We would like pizza, and none of that mushroom crap. “
  • her: “We?’ Do you have a mouse in your pocket?”
  • me: “*eye roll and dramatic sigh* (hey, i was 15) noooo mother, I mean God.  God and I. “
  • her:  “……God wants pizza for dinner?”
  • me: “God and I do, yes.  *WE* want it.”
  • her: “I see. I also see *YOU TWO* didn’t do the dishes like I asked.  So unless you can get Him in here to do the dishes, YOU are not going out. “

And no, We were not amused, either.  But now I wonder, is it back in vogue?  Would it be trendy of me to pick that back up?  Do I want to re-adopt a phrase I used at 15?  Mayhap not.  I could, though, very easily:

        • We feel that chocolate is Superior to vanilla
        • We hope the new Metallica album does not suck
        • We will be acquiring a laptop as soon as possible

Those 3 thoughts popped in immediately.  I could so be on the cutting edge of slang.  It also may ring false as I said it, and that would be wack.




~ by Layla on August 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Identifying With the Urban Experience”

  1. Hello
    Nice site!


  2. Hello.
    🙂 reflects the couple’s low-key approach to their royal connections.

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