Toasted Almonds.

Schizo On Cyanide

The man who was found dead in a Burnsley Hotel room near about a pound of sodium cyanide suffered from schizophrenia.

 A pound.  It seems like I remember that a teaspoon of cyanide in powder form  (sodium cyanide) could off a grown man.   The CDC says that cyanide is contained in cigarette smoke and the combustion products of synthetic materials such as plastics.  Maybe he was trying to lick a nicotine habit and lost control of his high?

Fire officials say they found a bottle containing about a pound of the white powder, or between a pint and a quart by volume.

That amount is enough to kill hundreds of people, according to University of Denver professor Andrew Ternay.

Ternay says cyanide is obtainable, though it is not sold at retail stores. Several Internet sites claim to offer sodium cyanide for sale.

Police say they don’t suspect foul play and the FBI says there’s no apparent connection to terrorism.

Ahh. Bullshit journalism at its finest. Why is terrorism not suspected? You have some idiot dead in a hotel room, but he has enough cyanide to kill many people and no one thinks that that there might have been a whole suicide bomber mission that went awry? I don’t generally get into the whole conspiracy theory thing but COME ON.

The article alludes that he probably didn’t realize how cyanide works; but it’s also inferred that there was much more of the poison than needed, even considering the ridiculously large amount he took. So I’m just saying…. it sounds to me like he had a bigger plan than to just off himself ….

OR… perhaps he thought that he needed to croak out each individual personality and he died with some of the earlier “suicides” before he could off ALL of his personalities?


~ by Layla on August 18, 2008.

One Response to “Toasted Almonds.”

  1. This man was from Ottawa – it is entirely possible that he thought it was cocaine. After all, Ottawa is the seat of the Canadian House of Commons, and the whole city is a little off. 😉

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