Can I Rearrange My Keyboard Alphabetically?

I Can’t Find the “Any” Key

Robert Half Technologies recently did a survey of over 1400 CIOs to hear some of the most…baffling customer service questions they had been presented.

Some of my favorites were:

Can you reset the Internet for me?”

“How do I get my computer’s coffee-cup holder to come out again?”

“Can you tell me the weather forecast for next year?”

When ever possible, I do my own IT’ing and while I’ve never got questions that quite reach this calibre, I have received some winners.

“I can’t get that…..that mail deal to go on my ‘puter”  (solution?  “….so you’re all fixed. and next time, remember you have to GO to the email place to get your email, k?”)

“I’ve tried to save this shit FOUR times and it never saves”  (solution? “……ok so next time remember? you have to click SAVE not just x out of the page” )

“I think the internet is broken because I’m not on it”   (solution? “….you have to get ON the internet. Think of Foxfire as the entrance ramp”

Part of me wishes that people would stop being stupid, but …….I also feel like If they did, I don’t know where I would get my entertainment from.






~ by Layla on September 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “Can I Rearrange My Keyboard Alphabetically?”

  1. This reminds me of a call I witnessed at work the other day:
    Some guy called one of the operations girls (who sort of double as front of house for any non-sales calls) saying he was having trouble with his blackberry. So she ran the phone number through the system to check all the right plans and stuff were applied, and they were, so she forwarded it on to one of the techs. and in a true ‘wetware’ problem, and because he was assuming no one would be quite so stupid (which, to be fair, at this place, isn’t usually as big an issue at any other IT places) spent about ten minutes trying to figure out what was wrong, before realising the reason the guy couldn’t see the menu on the screen is because he didn’t have the battery in it.

  2. […] Layla wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThink of Foxfire as the entrance ramp”. Part of me wishes that people would stop being stupid, but …….I also feel like If they did, I don’t know where I would get my entertainment from. Posted in bFunny As Hell/b. […]

  3. That power issue is unbelievably common. “My alarm panel doesn’t seem to be working.” “Yes, it looks like there’s a power outtage in your area and we did advise you ovr a month ago that your backup battery was low.” “Oh, you mean if the power is out my system doesn’t work?” “Only if you backup is dead.” “So, what you’re saying is, if my power is out I need a battery?” “Yes.” “Well, why didn’t the girl I talked to about my battery tell me that?” “Well, sir, that was me, and I did explain it to you and you said that it was fine because you weren’t coming in to get another one.” “Oh. Can I come and get one now?” “Ah, no, it is 0300 and the office doesn’t open until 0900.” *commence the abusive behaviour* ARGH!

  4. I can’t find my ‘off’ switch. Help pls!

  5. Oh. Also.

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