It Will Be Quiet, Or It Will Get The Train

Shut Up. Or Else.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — A Volusia County school bus driver is in trouble Tuesday for threatening to leave kids on some train tracks with a train coming. The students from Campbell Middle School said the bus driver was upset because they would not stop talking.


the wheels on the bus go round and round

Wow. While this fact doesn’t excuse it, that it happened in Florida just …explains it a little bit for me.  How does it come to be that this person is in charge of children?  I’m not sure playing “Guts” with a bunch of middle schoolers (11-13ish?) is a good idea.

Actually, It wasn’t even that, was it?  She was going to leave them. Just pull the bus into the path of an incoming train and bail! Way to go.  A mean bus driver is the worst.  I sort of remember riding the bus. and YEAH, we were loud. and YEAH, we were bad.  We were getting out of school and letting off some steam.  I certainly do not remember us being bad enough that we needed potential death for our crimes.

We made the mean bus driver cry.  Like, seriously we broke her ass down.  She quit.  And looking back? I would say she hated every one of us.  However,  even she didn’t threaten us with The Train.


~ by Layla on October 9, 2008.

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