He Had A Friend Over For Dinner

Cannibalistic Gay Chef


Former Mr Gay UK Anthony Morley, 36, said he slit Damian Oldfield’s throat after he tried to rape him.

Police found six lightly-fried pieces of 33-year-old Mr Oldfield’s leg mixed with herbs on a chopping board in Morley’s kitchen.

A seventh piece — which Morley had chewed — was in a bin bag.

Morley, who admits the cannibal killing but denies murder, told Leeds Crown Court he could not remember seasoning and cooking Mr Oldfield.

How would it be a cannibal killing but not murder?


Gay Chef Who Eats People

I am sort of stuck.  Mostly because I disagree with his method of preparation.  I think the meat would be too tough to do as medallions.  I would recommend a crockpot or pressure cooking. That would really tenderize the meat.  I found a very good stew recipe.  Yeah, I realize it’s a Shabbot recipe.   But I think it would make a kick ass meal and just soften that meat right up.   Because it says RIGHT THERE he just *chewed* it.  I’m not sure Man Jerky would taste very good.


~ by Layla on October 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “He Had A Friend Over For Dinner”

  1. If not a stew, perhaps a meat grinder on hand (who doesn’t own one of these anyway?!). Could make a nice seasoned burger out of it – also easier to store excess meat in the freezer.

  2. Frying is SO bad for you. If you’re going to be a cannibal, you have GOT to at least step above the culinary talent of, say, Taco Bell. I blame the fast food movement; companies like McDonalds are ruining the fine art of cannibalism. No one takes pride in their work anymore ! Thank you Layla for bringing up this travesty.

  3. Why do you think he tried leg, as opposed to butt or breast. I forget how Jeffrey Dahmer cooked up the boys he ate, and sadly he didn’t get the time to publish a cook-book; killed in prison. What do you think the chef in the UK will cook up for his pals in prison?

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