We Came. We Saw. We Voted.

I know I often say that I do not make “personal” posts.  I do not see the point mostly. I generally feel no need to type my feelings out so that my friends and total strangers can look at my homicidal rage or my emogasmic bullshit. But once in awhile, I do feel like talking about how I feel about something. Which is also kind of a cheat, actually.  Most all of us are very aware, that I generally am not at all subtle about how I feel on a topic.

I have never in my life been excited about an election before. Perhaps it was just the sheer amazement that i’ve lived with the last 8 years of my life. I’ve watched amendment after amendment of the constitution trampled on. We have lost countless rights, liberties, and freedoms that are supposed to be “self-evident,” yet somehow, just do not exist any more. I have “joked” for better than a year now that the only amendment left for GW to break is the 22nd. And i *still* say…i won’t be convinced that he’s not just going to elect himself King..and stay, until he is truly and actually gone.

So. yes i was excited to “vote for change.” What a brilliant platform. Not even necessarily campaigning for himself, but for CHANGE. and Christ, we needed it.  The very first black president! and while mostly? i feel as though his color is irrelevant. I do sort of see how it is relevant. Watching the campaign, I saw a man struggle and work his ass off. No one handed him anything. He was not given the presidency cuz we had a quota, or whatever. He fought the same fight that McCain fought and he simply did it better.  It was a struggle between two equally competent men and Obama emerged the victor. and in that? i do not see color and i’m so happy that he won and im honestly excited to about him being the president. I feel a part of history in a positive way.

~ by Layla on November 4, 2008.

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