Holiday Reading

The Stupidest Angel

Most of the time, I buy my books from a thrift store or Amazon Marketplace. However, sometimes I just have to splurge. Almost without exception, I’m irritated after I do go ahead and buy a book.

Christmas eve, was that day. There is a bookstore directly across the way from my office. Staring at the big sign, imagining I can see into the windows, I constantly battle the bookstore’s siren song.  I knew I was going to give in; I felt the deep pleasure that can only come from surrendering to a vice.

Book Cover

I powered through the entire thing in lesst than 5 hours of reading.  While I enjoyed myself, IT WAS TOO SHORT!

I loved the fact that I laughed out loud as I was reading, along with the life lessons I took from it.  His characters are very much…characters. Even the dog had personality.   When the dog talked about the shame and remorse and suffering that came from his actions when they were rewarded with “Bad Dog,” I wondered if I could apply that to my life.

I thought I would adopt that and begin to “Bad Cat” my pets. I stared at my male, Kitty, as he reclined regally in the center of my (his) bed. After a moment he deigned to open one eye.  Casually meeting my gaze with his own, I quickly realized it would be a waste of my breath. He would feel no shame or remorse. Unlike a dog, Kitty truly does not give a damn.


~ by Layla on December 29, 2008.

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