How Are You?

As per normal at work today, nine bazillion would be co-oping agents dropped off offers for our top foreclosure team. One in particular stands out as odd. Most of them are borderline rude, stupid, and look at me as their own personal kinkos. “I need copies.”

Just once I’d like to be “yeah? CopyMax is just down the street.” However, in the real world I inhabit where I keep my job, I only nodded and “ok”‘ed.

Normally I take the copies and go into the copy room, make the copies and come back. I stay in there so I don’t have to ..interact. In this instance, though, one of the people followed me in.

I’m still not sure to what purpose. But she was standing there looking around in that way you can tell they have something on their mind? But I was against speaking so I just kept watching the copy machine as if I thought it was going to suddenly start dancing and singing a showtune. Finally her glance plants on me: “How are you?”

Ok. here is where I have the issue. I hate that question from total to relative strangers. It’s not like they REALLY want to know how I am. It’s not like they care. And am I really going to actually TELL someone I’ve never met how I am ?

“Well pushy real estate girl, let me tell you: I’m tired. I’m anxious about a lot of inner things I’m dealing with and I’m having a full-blown OCD meltdown about staph infections based on having had one as a child and my tore up knees. If you have a few more minutes, perhaps I could tell you about this mishap?”

NO! nonono. We must stop this madness. She doesn’t care. So why would she waste the breathe to ask? I don’t know. I answered “fine thank you,” rather than the “it’s none of your goddamn business how I am” that I was feeling. I know I have a bit more antisocial viewpoint than some; but then again, how many times have you walked past an aquaintence or co-worker and they smiled and “Howareya” to you without ever breaking stride? Are you going to chase them down and TELL THEM? or just.. “great! you?” as YOU keep walking cuz let’s face aren’t really interested in the answer either.


~ by Layla on January 14, 2009.

One Response to “How Are You?”

  1. Maybe she totally wants you. I mean. Wants to be your friend.

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