Little Ways to Annoy People




I will first admit that I absolutely stole this whole idea from Afentra’s morning show. She was talking about it and I was instantly intrigued.

I did not have the url of the story she used. I tried to find it on Digg, but lacked the patience. So I have this one. And I have read this list more than once now.

The first time I read it, I read it for things that I actually do.  I found 5. I will not share them all because ..well my annoying habits are none of everyone’s business. I will say, however, I steal towels from hotels. Always.   I really don’t see how that’s an “annoyance,” honestly. I mean I get how Mister Super 8  or Mister Hilton might be personally annoyed that I stole towels from each of them. But…everyone steals towels, so I guess I don’t get how the chambermaid would get annoyed. I think leaving a nasty ass towel for her to deal with would be more of an irritant.

The second reading was about finding things that would irk me personally.  OK, there are a lot more than 5.  Some of them, though, it’s about degree. For instance “Take more than 10 items to the express checkout lane.”  I am usually not petty. I don’t sit and count the items of the people in front of me on line: “NO NO NO! YOU HAVE 11!!! GET IN THE OTHER LINE, YOU RUDE ASSHOLE!!!!” 

Generally speaking, I have enough thoughts to keep myself occupied when I’m in line at the grocery store, so what someone else has in their basket never hits my world.  But….come on. Are you seriously going to try to go through the express lane with a whole basket full of shit? Really?  When I have a container of yogurt and a lean cuisine?

And lastly, when Afentra was chattering about this during my drive to work, she opined that she thought everyone did stuff *to* annoy other people, be it conscious or not. I think I have to disagree. The things that annoy me on the list were not “annoying” things. It was the things that came from basic thoughtlessness. And that, too, are the things that I do on that list. 

I can pretty much admit that most of the time, I am fully in “Layla-world” and I just don’t give much thought to how my actions affect those around me.  That’s not to say I never do things simply to annoy someone. I do. The irritations I am attempting to inflict, in those cases, though are very much geared to specific people in that particular instant. 

Aren’t you dying to get to know me better now?


~ by Layla on April 7, 2009.

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  1. Annoying… is that like when someone leaves an incomplete bl

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