I-Fashion, I-Lives

Six of One…

Half A Dozen of Another…?

I play with IMVU. I don’t use it as a social networking tool. In fact, that interests me almost nil. I use it to dress my ‘doll’ and decorate her house. I find it very therapeutic. Usually, I’m alone when I shop for fashions or dress my doll in my purchases.  Sometimes, I  join my best friend and we model our outfits for each other and admire “what we’ve done with the place.”

For us, it is playtime.  For a short time, we can NOT be grownups with grownup problems and responsibilities. Instead, we can retreat back to being girls and except for “Do these shoes match this dress?” there are no real problems.


I had never really thought that much about the comparison between the 2 until I started thinking about “virtual fashion” blogs. I did a search and did not see anything like what I was thinking about for IMVU. Granted, there might be hundreds of them. I wasn’t interested in full scale research; I made this statement based on a quick yahoo search. However, I found more than I could ever possibly surf for SecondLife.

Actually, before now, I hadn’t ever really thought that much about SecondLife, period. After skimming the very outer-most layer of several SecondLife blogs, my opinion isn’t great, to be honest.

Secondlife seems to cater to an older demographic than IMVU. Often being one of the older people in the virtual things I participate in, I am far from being ageist. So for me that’s a positive, insofar as I do get tired of all the random chat invites from dumb kids. I also dislike feeling that the entire catalog of IMVU products is being held captive by a bunch of tweenie’s moms.

But that older group of people can be seen as a negative when one thinks about the people that take the whole concept way too seriously. Anyone that has spent a fair amount of time on-line,  knows the archetype that I speak of: the ones for whom their lives begin and end with their on-line dealings.  One sub-type will freely admit that on-line is better and more meaningful to them than real lives. And another, despite their claims of perfect offline lives, can always be found active “here”  instead of “there.”  Somehow, even their minutiae is an endless source of drama and warfare to hold onto and better their ‘position.’ I felt like I saw a lot of that skimming the SL blogs. Perhaps it was just the ones I chose; but I am willing to bet that there simply IS more of that there than on IMVU. 

I made my choice where to go based on bestfriend saying “Hey! You’ll love this place! Sign up! We’ll have a blast!”  And then me saying, “Ok.”  Upon reflection, I am glad that it worked out as it did. I am not interested in a Second *LIFE.*  In fact, that concept bothers me a little bit. Playing online is NOT a life. It’s a tool of distraction, amusement, and escape, sure. But it shouldn’t ever be life.


~ by Layla on April 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “I-Fashion, I-Lives”

  1. I know there’s were a myriad of reasons that I adore you. This is just another to add to the list.

    When I run into people online who do seem to regard it as all about the image,i.e.: they HAVE to be the owner of a chat room, they HAVE to be one of the “cool kids”, they HAVE to stand on everyone else’s back to make it to the top of their virtual arena…I can’t help but think…they have it all wrong.

    When you and I “play dollies”, it’s a LOT about image, just not THE image.

    Like you, I don’t want a “second life”. I love the one I have, warts and all. One of my bright spots is having you as my best friend to go online and let loose with. What can I say? It’s a wonderful life. =)

  2. Virtual fashion rocks! Great blog

  3. Yeah, well… I joined SecondLife and on the first day I helped a beautiful girl install a new vagina she had bought. It made me smile.

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