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War of the Roses!!!!

It’s never hard to wake up on Wednesday mornings. In fact, I disgust myself with how quickly I jump out of bed and get my day going. “My Day.” Ha. I could lie to us both and pretend like its about things I want to accomplish, and blah blah blah. But it’s not. I just like to be comfortably driving when my radio program starts doing the weekly “War of the Roses” segment. 

Every radio program does a “screw with people on the phone” bit. Nothing new there, right? I’ve also listened to a billion of the “my ___ is cheating” phone-ins.  However, in a world where there are a bazillion different soap operas; society (NOT JUST ME) clearly does not get tired of  hearing about other people’s problems…if it can be served up in a dramatic manner.

The premise is pretty easy.  The pre-chosen girl calls in. She whines to the DJ about why she feels (or even on occasion…just full on *imagines*) her man is probably cheating on her.  At this point, the DJ gives the girl one last chance to back out (I’ve never heard anyone change their mind) and then the trap is set.

The DJ calls the guy. Posing as a fledgling florist and offering a free bouquet of  (yep, you got it) roses, she gets past his reservations about giving his “credit card information” to the “telesales woman.” The hook is asking where to send the roses. As soon as he says a name (proving his guilt or innocence), it’s revealed that he was tricked.

Understandably, the dude is generally pissed.  Sinner or saint, I think he has a right to be.  Then the girl is immediately made to reveal herself  and own that this was her idea and that she’s listening in. No matter how it played out; this is an awkward moment.  And then finally, the couple generally fight until the DJ gets bored and takes them off-air.  Cuz let’s face it, if they are on “War of the Roses,” they have more problems than just that he is cheating or she thinks he is.

Reprehensible, right? Absolutely. Addicting as hell?  Oh, hell yes.  The girls’ lack of pride and self-respect that would allow them to air their dirty laundry in public like that never cease to astound me.  Well…sometimes it’s just a good old fashion case of “Attention Whoring,”  too. I also love the dudes who have no jobs, no prospects, get caught cheating, and can STILL find righteous indignation at being called out on it.

I love it. More than once, I’ve discussed it with someone else I know who listens to the program.  Just goes to show, just because a person would never do something herself, does not mean she wouldn’t arrange her entire schedule to “watch” someone else do it.


~ by Layla on April 29, 2009.

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