Unfortunately, Layla…

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So, this appears to be relatively simple. I do a Google search on the phrase “Unfortunately, Layla” and post the first 15-20 sentences that come up.  I’ll comment after!!!

  1. Unfortunately, Layla’s father got a new job overseas, so Tori and Layla broke up.
  2.  Unfortunately, Layla Hamilton has a prickling feeling that something is missing in her life, and she has to uncover it before she can progress as an actress.
  3. Unfortunately, Layla has already become pregnant by an American.
  4. Unfortunately, Layla has tested positive for heartworms.
  5.  Unfortunately, Layla and Knox got the upperhand on Kelly and Stevie but we probably haven’t seen the last of these 4 in action.
  6. Unfortunately, Layla would only use it to push her baby dolls.
  7.  Your story is a common one, unfortunately, Layla.
  8. Unfortunately, Layla’s own father is an immigrant, her first husband is an immigrant, her current husband is a Puerto Rican, her mother’s family migrated 2 or 3 generations ago…so unless she is a native, she is from an immigrant family as well!!!
  9. Unfortunately, Layla did not fit into those plans and they went their separate ways – he went back home to New York and she went to Northeastern Ohio.
  10. Unfortunately, Layla was not the winner of the diva battle royal at SummerSlam


I couldn’t leave it negative…


  1. Luckily, Layla Anwar’s recent post, “Rock It“, sheds some light on a basic principle of the PNUNSMSR’s tactics as I understand them.
  2. Luckily Layla was on hand to show her cute teenage girlfriend exactly how much fun arse-drilling can be!
  3.  They get over it… nad luckily Layla is still young.
  4. Needless to say the better man won and luckily Layla, being a sharp little thing, walked out with not only the better man but her integrity intact and her morals firmly in the grey area where they belong. 
  5. Luckily Layla was friendly enough to be caught and happily came to the rescue.
  6. Luckily, Layla knows exactly how to present her body in the best, sexiest way possible…
  7.  Luckily, Layla sleeps while I clip her nails.
  8.  She looked at Layla like she was about ready to kill her; luckily Layla quickly picked up on it.
  9. Suddenly we were both kissing and luckily Layla wasnt watching because she would find a way to blackmail me with it.
  10. Luckily Layla was more adventuresome this year

~ by Layla on April 30, 2009.

13 Responses to “Unfortunately, Layla…”

  1. lol.Love it.

    Unfortunately, Layla has already become pregnant by an American.

    and, obviously, arse-drilling.

  2. Interesting story, I didn’t thought reading this would be so cool when I looked at the url!

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