Social Networking!

After years of being officially “against” any sort of social networking, I finally took the plunge a couple of months ago and got a Twitter.  In hindsight, I think that was a mistake. Twitter is too easy to use. I got into it quickly. Now that being said, there are several aspects of it I do not understand in the slightest. 

The whole “trending topics” thing misses me completely.  Am I supposed to call attention to any buzz-topics with a #? Or am I supposed to search on that? Am I supposed to care what other people are talking about? Can I *start* buzzwords or whatever?  #vomit, #mysisterisabitch, etc?

When I got a new phone, I decided to branch out with this whole….social experiment. MySpace was not really an option, even though I knew I could do either that or Facebook on my phone.  I also know my shorty has mentioned to me a few times that I should get FB.  I am slow sometimes but I GET IT DONE!!!!

Frankly, the experience frightened me.  I log in for the first time. “HELLO FACEBOOK!!! HERE I AM!!!”  Already waiting for me is “HAI LAYLA!!!! we know that you know Tom, Dick, and Harry! They are here! We also know that you used to know ___, ____, ____!!!” I get that FB  just culled the information from my address book, but does FB get that I’m *LAZY*? Does FB understand that I have people in my address book that I couldn’t remember with a gun?

I don’t think FB realized that I didn’t necessarily want to be reuninted with everyone in my address book. Now, on the other hand, I saw a few people that I would have never guessed in a million years had FB. That made me happy. But honestly, that does not take away the slight feeling of violation.

Here is the other thing about FB and I guess in a way this is good:  Up until FB, I had always assumed that I didn’t give a shit about anyone from High School or “The Past.” But as people started coming up out of the woodwork, as they do, I realized there were quite a few people that I was genuinely thrilled to see.

I don’t want to pretend to you or to myself that there weren’t *plenty* of people that I did not, in fact, give a shit about seeing. But enough people made a dent, that I realized I wasn’t nearly as anti-social as I had thought. I often read things about how technology isolates people and enables them to be disconnected from other people.  Funnily enough, it took complicated technology to find a simpler place where the past does exist and one cares what’s going on with her friends from days past.


~ by Layla on July 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Social Networking!”

  1. I have to say I had a very similar experience with FB. I took pride in ovoid in my high school colleages for almost two decades. Now they’re actually quite tollerable. It’s also usefull for remote families. I very carefully avoided giving FB my entire contacts list and just added people as I found them though.

  2. Argh uses double ‘L’s where Argh shouldn’t.


  3. well perhaps he just loves the way an “L” trips off his tongue? well…granted he’s typing, not talking. but it’s possible he mutters to himself, right?

  4. Yeah he is all

    ‘L…L…L….L,’ twitching as he sits at his work-desk.

    I always knew it.

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