Carried Watermelons and Hazy Memories

Many of these posts are born of idle thoughts whilst caught in traffic.  Today is no exception.   Driving home, I was channel surfing for something worth a listen, when a DJ announced his “5pm Soundoff” was “Do we ever really get over our first love?”

I thought about mine for a few seconds. Smiling behind my sunglasses as I reminisced  for a moment, I didn’t  have an answer for the DJ.  I don’t think I thought about him long enough to dig into the question.  Within 5 seconds,  I started thinking about movies.

Some of them absolutely stand the test of time.  You love it the first time you watch and you love it the 70th. Whether it’s opening night or 50 years later;  whether you are 14 or 40 years old, it’s fantastic. Others…….

Dirty Dancing.  I can remember like yesterday the first time I saw it at the theatre. And then time after time at the dollar movie theatre. With my mom, with my friends, forcing my brothers to see it with me “just one more time.”  I was also 12. After awhile, it left the dollar theatre and I found a new passion.

More than one, actually, as the years passed. Fast forward to like….26 or 27?  During an idle conversation about movies, I realized that it had been perhaps 15 years since I last saw “DD.”  Way too long.  And since “no one puts” Dirty Dancing “in a corner,”  I needed to rectify this potentially bad situation at once.

It’s a terrible movie.  Yes, there are memorable lines.  Yes, the dancing is badass. And yes, Patrick Swayze sings a song that is so utterly horrific that I kind of dig it.  However, none of this can truly compensate for the pathetic acting, pitiful dialogue, and just overall dumb story.

In the ensuing years, I have said more than once that I was so saddened by my re-watch of Dirty Dancing.  I really wish I had left in the past as a *great*  and life altering experience, rather than bring it into the cold, harsh reality of my adult self where I had to recognize it for what it really was: a very very mediocre movie with a much better soundtrack.

This is why I didn’t talk about my first love.   He is firmly in the past.  Luckily, when I do think about him from time to time, I get a nostalgic smile and then I move on.   I never delve too deeply. I learned my lesson with Dirty Dancing.

~ by Layla on July 13, 2009.

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