A Letter To A Cop

Dear Police Officer-

Hi.  I just wanted to send you a few thoughts after our chance encounter yesterday.  Remember me? I was the girl in the sunglasses waiting her turn at the soft drink fountains at the convenience store.  I was really the only one there besides you and those two little boys.  They were the ones filling up.

I remember you. You were so handsome and tan. I noticed you right off. You were magnificent in your uniform that fit perfectly and your oh, so shiny black boots.  I, on the other hand, had sort of chosen to take “Casual Friday” to an extreme. Black and white checked capri pants and a black “Sam I Am” t-shirt. What can I say? I love Dr. Seuss.

While you may not remember me now, I know you noticed me. I saw you turn toward me and smile. I was starting to smile back when you re-noticed those boys.  And then you ruined it when you started to yell at the smaller one.

So my point is, Officer? You’re a prick. You are the reason why people hate police officers.  That littlest boy? the one about 9 who was filling his ice-less glass with a shot of *everything*? The one who was totally minding his own business and not doing a thing wrong? Yes, him.  I wish I could say that when you started yelling at him to be sure and drink that and telling him he BETTER not dump that out and he BETTER know that he’s going to pay for that  made me just …weak with desire for you.

Had he dumped it? or acted like he wasn’t going to pay? I would have been right with you. But I guess I fail to see the purpose in berating a little kid who was simply doing what he wanted to do within the boundaries of  *the rules.*  Well, I mean I do get the purpose. It was to impress me, wasn’t it?

I think I was supposed to be bowled over by your power and authority.  Over a nine year old.  Wow. Did you the see the look of contempt his brother gave you? That other boy who was about 12 who stayed silent through the whole thing.  I don’t know those kids but I think it would be a safe assumption that you gave that older boy quite a push towards thinking “cops are pigs.” Nice. Way to Go.

Luckily, all of your fellow officers are not like that.  I hope you have a nice weekend and if I’m lucky, I’ll never have to run into you again.





~ by Layla on August 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Letter To A Cop”

  1. -clears my throat and steps up to da mic, wif a blue bandana tied to my head (our gang colour), a gat shoved in the waistband of my low, low, baggy jeans, and a white wife beater to show off my muscles-
    FUCK THA’ POLICE!!… gangstas cry when the po-lice arrive.

  2. Tagged under “Diet Coke”. LOL

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