from sick to straightjacket?

It’s almost a cliche` the way we talk about men who turn into babies when they get the slightest ailment.  I am not going to argue that point, mostly because I often find it to be true.  However, I think women ( and by “women,” I mean “myself”) often enable the behaviour.  We coo sympathetically. We do whatever they want, etc. 

I don’t get sick like a man. I don’t turn into a baby. I simply lose all emotional control. I’ve been told that *many* times. But it’s only recentlystarting to really sink in.

I can remember picking the most inane arguments. Things, that in the cold light of day, a week later leave me scratching my head going “WHAT?????” feeling incredibly stupid.  Yes, I was very nearly in tears over the lack of zombie fashion this morning.  For a split second, I just felt so bad for them.  And for me.  I get it.  “Nutso.”

I don’t need help recognizing the crazy in that moment. Got it, thanks.  I do, however, wonder if the moment I’m going to share is MY crazy or my mother’s and I just reacted strongly to it.

Sets the scene for you:  

I left work early and get home about noon. I’m sleeping.  My mother calls me. Ok, she’s sick too this week. There’s a very good possibility I got this from her. BUT I digress..

I answer. Honestly, only because she is sick and I wondered if she needed anything. So it’s basically like  “hi. hello. what’s going on?” and then she proceeds to tell me “I can’t hear you.”  I pitch it louder. “Hello! What’s Going On?”  “I can’t hear you.”  Ok, by this point, I’m full on irritated. Cuz really? I  am not too much giving a shit at this point. We’ve established that it’s basically social.  So at this point, I’m thinking in all capital letters:  “ME BEING HEARD IS NOT CRUCIAL SINCE *YOU* CALLED ME!!!!! SO SAY IT SAY IT SAY IT!!!” Instead I just howl into the phone “WHAT DO YOU NEED? I’M SICK! I”M SLEEPING!! I WANT TO BE AGAIN!!!”

“Nothing” “Ok, bye!” *click*

So here I am pondering. Am I the Wicked Bitch of the West? Or is it just one more manifestation of “EMOTIONAL”?  I will be well soon, so bear with me. The other night when I got needy and whimpery? Now we know why!


~ by Layla on October 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “from sick to straightjacket?”

  1. I thought it was totally normal to be the most emotionally needy bitch on the planet during sick times? Also impatient. Like, normal wait times in a line up, even if you’re the next person to be served is one of the most annoying things ever. And phone calls, omg. “I’d like to go back to being pretty much dead now, what did you need?” “*insert some drama you can’t be arsed about on a regular day let alone now*” you’re nicer than i am, though… i just hang up on them.

  2. Eh. I don’t even answer the phone when I’m truly ill. I just.. sort of stare blankly up at the ceiling until I fall asleep for the 43rd time. I’m not in any condition to bitch or argue or do anything but sleep when I’m sick, heh. Though if MY mother calls, I won’t even answer the phone when I’m perfectly fine. :p

  3. […] the past, I’ve talked about that time of the month where I lose emotional control.  Upon reflection though, I want to restate that.  It’s not that I actually  *lose […]

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