Most Hardcore Performance. Ever.

Decomposing Woman Found In Bodybag

Did woman in bushland body bag commit suicide?

Perhaps I’m missing something in my analysis of this story. I’ve read several stories from several sources. and I’m so desperately confused.

Lorraine Eves

So a dude out walking his dog along a wooded path that’s inaccessible by cars finds a bag containing a body. First we’re told (by him) decapitated and hands removed. Evidently he had a look inside. Then we’re told “um. no.” Leaves me believing that must have been a powerful lot of decomposition. And that is very possible, given the time frame.

Then we’re told it *might* be a suicide. Ok. Lorraine Eves was an artist. Was she a performance artist? Was this her most powerful (albeit one time only) performance?  Or was she just a generic suicide and somehow her body was ….misplaced?

Several things do not make sense here. Firstly how the body arrived where it was found. A car can’t reach it. I don’t understand the layout of the terrain so I won’t conjecture on that.

They believe it may have washed on to the fire trail in the Garigal National Park at Killarney Heights through a nearby storm water drain.

Ok. that’s great. I can accept that. But I can’t stop wondering how it got in the damn storm drain to begin with. The tone of the articles I’m seeing all seem to be calm and collected in that they know who she was. They seem convinced that it was a suicide. Did the EMT’s ….lose her? why wasn’t that a story?

Also, the woman seemed to be an officially registered “Missing Person.” To me, that means someone realized she was not around. I don’t buy the suicide thing. Unless we have 2 different things going on.  Perhaps she offed herself and then someone stole her body? It seems very clear to me that bodies should not be lying around to rot in national parks.

This was not stellar journalism.

DECOMPOSED corpse found in a body bag in a Sydney national park has been identified as missing woman Lorraine Eves, with investigators saying her death may not be suspicious.

Perhaps not,  but her post-mortem appearance on the hiking trail damn sure is!


~ by Layla on October 29, 2009.

14 Responses to “Most Hardcore Performance. Ever.”

  1. I’m going with…. CONSPIRACY. I already know exactly what happened. She was challenging the FDA on why they don’t admit vitamin C can replace statins. As the FDA is in the drug companies’ pocket, they reached out firstly to the mob to have her whacked, and then to the media to have it covered the fuck up.

  2. This woman has family and perhaps they would not appreciate the comments and the above story written.
    It doesn’t make sense to you, but hey obviously the world no longer made sense to her.
    Please, leave it be.

    • Many thnanks for your comment re my sister, she was my best friend. It is so tragic. I am sad that someone would make a mockery of her.

  3. Lorriane was a member of my family and I do not apprieciate some of the above comments and these comments would upset her mother and sister.

  4. I hope Lorraine is at rest now and that her family can have some closure. I am going to take some flowers to where she was found, the next time I walk past.

  5. Like Luke, Lorraine was a member of my family and some of the above comments are completely heartless and inappropriate. If you don’t know the full story you have no right to comment. Please let it be and allow her rest in peace.

  6. Hi guys.

    At this point, I had to chime in. I keep reading “Let it be” in the comments and perhaps I am pointing out the obvious here (and that’s what I do), but no one HAS said anything cept the people who keep commenting to LEAVE IT ALONE.

    SO…. I would suggest to you all: do it. leave it alone.

    Truth is? I was feeling a little apologetic to the family members for a couple of days and was actually considering pulling it down. However, now I’m starting to get irritated.

    I get that you feel the story was tacky and in bad taste. I might agree to that, even. However, the fact of the matter is, I do have the right to share my thoughts on my blog. You also have the right to hate my thoughts, hate me, tell me so, or not read it. But it seems a little lame to keep commenting “LEAVE IT ALONE” when no one but you all have said a word.

    “and that’s all i’ve got to say about THAT”

  7. Hi, you are right!! As Lorraine was a member of my family, had i have read your comments earlier, i would have said that you were a heartless Bit**, and that i hope you and your family never find yourself in this situation, and lets us get on to grieve the loss of a loved one!!!!

    • Layla, the point that is trying to be made is: how would you feel if a member of your family was reported as “missing” for 5 or so months, then the family member is found and it is revealed that they committed sucide. Obviously its going to get some publicity and be hard to deal with, the guilt and emotions associated with it especially if you didn’t know how bad the person was feeling – so bad that they took their own life. Its hard enough when a family member commits sucide but then when someone makes a mockery out of the story which was written to cover their death its a little insensitive. Dont you think that the family has their own questions? This is where I am coming from with the “let it be”.

  8. Look.

    I’m not taking the story down. Call it a childish fit of stubborness if you like but I couldn’t be pried off this position with a crowbar at this point.

    I was largely making fun of the “journalism.” Yes, it was tacky and insensitive of me, I think I have already said that. But..I am allowed to be.

    I am sorry for the loss of your relative. I geuninely am. But I am going to stick with my right to say anything that I want. If you don’t like what I am saying……well don’t read me.

  9. Dude, you are truly, highly bizarre, what next? a rant about poor old britney. Go get a life…

  10. ‘Most Hardcore Performance Ever’? Did you get help with that headline? and you don’t even know what kind of artist she was? just a guess obviously! but completely wrong asshole. Now let me think, will this comment stay here or will you remove my freedom of speech that you so angrily protect for yourself?… hav’nt you got some Star Trek convention to attend…

    • Did you get help with that headline? no, i managed it all alone, thank you. 🙂

      you don’t even know what kind of artist she was? just a guess obviously! but completely wrong asshole
      Of course it was just a guess. I don’t know where I ever said that I was the world authority on this subject. Clearly, you are more in the know than I am. I believe that absolutely because I take everything I see and read on the internet oh so seriously…

      And btw.. of course I will leave you up. You have the right, too, to say anything you like. “Asshole” isn’t exactly shattering to my psyche. I hate to break it to you, but i’ve been called worse by better.

      p.s. Steven, I love that you commented. Stopped. And then felt the need to do it all over again (with feeling this second time) …that’s strangely flattering 🙂

  11. Obviously death, and especially suicide, are sensitive subjects. But come on. A decomposed body was found in a body bag in a national park.

    Did she kill herself inside a body bag? That would be a notable story. It’s certainly an unusual way to go – the act of someone who wanted to make a statement. In that case, the least we can do is honor her wishes by discussing her possible motives. Or maybe she was found by authorities, placed into a body bag, then misplaced before she was duly processed? Again.. that’s the kind of thing people are gonna talk about.

    The original article presents the facts in a way that almost imply that perhaps foul play had occurred. If there was no evidence or even suspicion of this, as seems to be the case, then the journalist should have been laughed out of his editor’s office.

    Oh, my bad Layla. Let me know if you get indignant protests from the reporter’s family.

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