Leo Getz Said It Best…*

Fast Food Etiquette

Fast-food customers frequently complain about bad service and long waits at the drive-thru. The easiest people to blame are the restaurant employees who are often characterized as being slow, rude or just plain incompetent.

It’s a two-way street. Just like the customer is not always right, the employee is not always incompetent. It’s actually been over 5 years since I’ve worked a drive-thru. I’m just going to put it right out there: 5 very happy years. I read this article and I got angry. Evidently, I have some lingering pent-up aggression about this topic. Perhaps this will be cathartic for me? Or perhaps I will just be ranting. We shall see.

I am not going to bother discussing the points that other blog listed. I basically agree with them. I just feel as though he missed a lot of things that might even be more important.

1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Ok, the very point of a drive-thru is ease and speed. SPEED. At most fast food places, they have a leader board that is a couple of car lengths back from the order board. Fucking look at it. It most generally has the high points of the menu and any specials. When you get to the point you speak your order, you should KNOW what you want. It’s not fast for you to sit there and “uhhhhhhhhh” for five minutes. By the way, do you know that microphone is very sensitive? And I was wearing a fucking headset? I heard your noises. And I thought you sounded retarded. Furthermore, you would have annoyed me at that point, so yes, I would have probably treated you as though you were retarded.

Seriously, If you honestly don’t know the menu enough to have a pretty firm idea of what you want, come inside. There are a million people behind you that know what they want. It’s just simple common courtesy to everyone involved. You are screwing off the other customers time. You were screwing off my time. You don’t know this and I don’t expect you to necessarily care, but I used to get paid for my drive thru time. That’s right. I had an average time of each car I had to maintain. And when you sat there “what do I want..what do I want…what…do….I….want” for *literally* 5 minutes? You were making me lose money. And I hadn’t done anything wrong. Except having the bad luck to have my path cross yours, you inconsiderate, rude twat.

2. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME WITH CHITCHAT. Generally, I didnt have time to talk to you. And I certainly did not want to hear some ignorant fucking story about what your great-grandmother thought about our onion ring sauce. I wanted to have you pay me. I wanted to thank you, hand you your food, and have you get on your way. You always seemed to choose those stories to waste my time with when it was a million degrees below zero. Did you not recognize its fucking COLD? I was even less interested in speaking with you on those days.

All that being said, sometimes I wanted to chitchat with you. If it was possible and I wanted to? I would have made it happen. Do not get attitude with me because I could not let you hang in the drive-thru lane to flirt with you. I would quickly be over the idea of flirting if you were a dick. You came to my drive-thru on your OWN TIME. I was there because I was being paid to be. So our social interactions were dependent upon my level of work at that particular moment. So you had time to kill? I feel so repetitive, but COME INSIDE. If I were normally interested in talking with you? I would have probably given you free shit. Cuz that’s how I rolled.

3. BRING YOUR COMPLAINTS INSIDE. Ok. I’m going to explain that just based on the lack of common sense that seems to pervade most people. If you believe the girl short-changed you, polite say something. She would have called me over. I’d pull the drawer and within 2 minutes, I’d have it counted and I’d either have laughed at you or given you the correct change. Shit happens, dude. Do not turn a tiny mistake into a hell-raising drama fest, you big fucking crybaby. If you ordered a Diet Coke and got Dr. Pepper? Yes, mention it. However, do not start a fuss with the boy in the window because you don’t like his attitude or the way he “looked at you.” If you feel strongly enough that you were really mistreated, come inside. I would have been more inclined to pay attention, look like I gave a shit, and actually…do something about it. If you had a bad experience at a different franchise or even hell, a different day at my store, I did not want to hear about it in my drive-thru. I…am….busy.

Seriously, people. Most fast food places are no different from the way mine was. The employees want to move those cars along probably more than you do. Yes, sometimes shit happens and the system breaks down. Yes, sometimes I got stuck with staff that just were not able to keep up. But more often than not, if you were kept waiting? It was not my fault. It was either the thoughtless rude bastard in front of you who had a ten minute argument with his wife before he could order. Or it was you.


~ by Layla on December 10, 2009.

One Response to “Leo Getz Said It Best…*”

  1. Ahem… don’t you know it is ALWAYS the idiot in the drive-thru’s fault? ;p My favourite is when they point blank tell you that their headset and/or the two way speaker is messed up and that they will take your order at the window, please. And you can hear this two or three cars or so behind, and the twat at the speaker just sits there trying to order anyway. THEN complains that the person isn’t responding. Meanwhile, you can sort of see the window where you’re at and the person there looks as though they’re about to slam their heads off of the metal receiving plate at the window.

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