Women Vs. Men…The Fat Question


I was chatting with a friend today and somehow in the conversation, I remembered an incident that led me to this train of thought. For a change, this has nothing to do with my convenience store.  I sort of feel bad about that and perhaps as I tell the story, I can figure out a way to work it into the tale.

Several years ago, I was out with a male friend of mine. In the course of our errands, he wanted to stop and look at a suit or something.  He was a very big guy, husky and 5 or 6 inches taller than me. So of course, we were at a  “big and tall” men store. I am not naming the store. Piss on that. I don’t even name my convenience store. They can pay me advertising fees if they want to be named.

As we’re browsing, I am flipping thru the racks of clothing. 3, 4, even 5x sizes.  The longer I looked, the more irritated I became. Evidently, at some point, I was almost  violently shoving through the clothes. Enough so that he finally was like “Ok, what IS your problem?”

“This store is pissing me off.”

“Would you like to elaborate on that? Please, oh God please,  let her elaborate on that.”

“I am looking at all these clothes. FOUR AND FIVE X!!!! BUT!!! If a guy has a good job, a nice car, and dresses sharp, he will STILL pull the bitches! But if a GIRL wears like….TWO X….”  *trails off*

“Yes. she goes into the FAT store and is all like ‘I want to see a dress in 3 x’ and the sales girl says “Bitch, why? You know you aren’t going anywhere ‘cept to get more ice cream!”

(If this story could have an alternate ending, It would be a Robin Harris line:  “I’d like to see a dress to fit me.”  and the sales girl is all: “Damn! So would I!”  But I am going to stick to what actually happened. I guess I just wanted to work that line in.)

The thing is? Then, I was thin.  So it wasn’t really about sour grapes from the fat chick. And by no means am I downing the big guys. In fact, I’m one of their biggest fans.  “Society is more accepting of fat men than fat women.” Bullshit.

Fat men vs Fat women?

Why is it acceptable for society to laugh and make jokes about fat men, but not Fat women?

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

“because most women are whiney bitches”

When I can stop giggling at that answer, I can actually see the truth in it.  Cuz that same guy wearing the 4x who’s pulling the bitches, he’s probably not sitting around crying about whether or not his ass looks fat in that pair of pants. HE KNOWS IT DOES!!!! He just does not concern himself with shit like that. 

Whereas, I think a lot of women just get too concerned and hung up on weight.  Bitch, if it bothers you, put the donuts down and DO something about it. Yes, I know, I know. Thyroid issues. Whatever. I’m not speaking to you. 

The guy who does not care and is just steady going to go to the club and pulling the bitches (I am SO re-embracing that phrase into my working vocabulary), I think he believes he is just as hot as any ripped guy in there. And consequently,  other people believe it, too. 

That’s not to say that pep talk will make everyone in the world attracted to fat people.  Some people absolutely are not. Some people absolutely do not find bald men, small-chested women, tall women, or short men attractive.  And I don’t see a billion and nine websites crying about it, either.


~ by Layla on December 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Women Vs. Men…The Fat Question”

  1. I seriously was talking to Eric LAST NIGHT about something along these lines! I think I used the exact phrase “pulling hot bitches”. (And you know how excited I get about coincidences) We were talking about a guy I know who’s built similarly to Eric, but since he has no self-confidence, he’s dating a “very heavy” woman who is the same age as his MOTHER. Eric on the other hand managed to get a hottie like me.

  2. Not donuts. It’s doughnuts. And it is PUT THE FORK DOWN. ;p

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