Once upon a time, there were 3 girls. 3 women actually who were the best of online friends. We’ll call them Lay, Rae, and Shae. They were a tight clique and it was generally smooth sailing in their little corner of the web.

 Shae was excitable and always up for a fight to right the wrongs she suffered or imagined she saw around her. Lay and Rae generally rolled with her and sang backup for anything Shae dreamed up. Occasionally though,  Rae had her own agenda and that  always took precedence.  Lay was the laid back one and honestly didn’t care about any of it so it was all good. Lay’s role was simply to hit the breaks. When Lay said “ok, enough,” that was it. The fight was over.  In this group, if Lay said “no, we’re not going to.” They didn’t.

This group cruised through several years like this. I am not even sure of the details anymore,  but a new girl showed up. We’ll call her Janet. Lay took a liking to her.  Almost inexplicably, because Lay was never a big fan of women, as a rule. Of course, Lay started bringing her around. And for quite a while, everything was good and  the three became four.  Janet was smart, funny, and always ready to *participate*. To be honest, her wicked wit usually escalated things higher than they normally would have. The other 3 loved it.  I would be willing to bet they made more than one person cry. (Yes, “cyber bullies” would not be misplaced on these bitches.)

Every story needs to a plot, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, I can’t really give you much of one because I don’t really remember.  My conjecture is that it was about a man. Not a big stretch, is it? Most issues between chicks arise because of a man, right?  Be that as it may, Rae suddenly had issues with Janet.  A few words whispered into Shae’s ear had her on board for a NEW fight. The Biggest Fight. “Showdown in the OK Corral” kind of fight.

Shae and Rae pick their moment when Janet was off.  They cornered Lay and were not even original about it. You see what’s coming, right? “Decide right now. It’s her or us.” 

“Fine. Fuck you both. She didn’t ask me to choose.”

It was not long before both of them came to Lay and said they were sorry. It was never the same though.

The End.

Kind of a downer story, huh? Janet and I were talking about this episode recently. I guess you realized this story was autobiographical, huh? Well it was.  And the one upside to the story is that Janet and I still roll.  Truth is though, even if Janet had not been the kind of person that was worth trashing 2 other friendships for, I think I would have made the same choice.

In the ensuing years, Janet has hated more than one person I’ve dragged around.  However, she has never presumed to demand that I get rid of them. In my opinion, a real friend would simply not do that.  I’m not the kind of person that demands the people I dig have to dislike the people I choose to take issue with. So I’ll be fucked if those same people are going to do it to me.

That’s not to say Janet hasn’t made her feelings crystal clear. I am generally very aware of how she feels about those same people. I still crack up at some of the choice nicknames she has bestowed over the years.  I am pretty certain that I have made my feelings just as apparent to her and well..probably you too..  And while I think Janet’s choices are *very* wrong, (I’m just being honest) I am ok to let her make her wrong choices.  😛

~ by Layla on December 25, 2009.

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