Tell Me About the Decade, George

2000-2009.  TEN YEARS! That doesn’t really seem possible. The ringing in of 2000 saw me just turned 26. Tossing a husband, starting a new job, and trying out the idea of a roommate (in theory and in practice). 2009 New Years Eve has me sitting at a different job, just turned 36, and no roommate. Driving to work, I was thinking about the deaths, the music, the scandals, the fashion of the  last ten years. It’s sort of mind-blowing, really.

Scandals:  Michael Vick, Michael Jackson, Enron, Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson, Rod Blagojevich, Abu Ghraib, OJ (again), Larry Craig, The 2000 Elections, Hurricane Katrina….

I would like to pretend those all came out of my head. But alas, I had to look up how to spell “Blagojevich.” And with Senator Craig, all I could think was “WIDE STANCE.”  

As to my own scandals: car accidents, pillaging and stalking (btw, I WAS THE VICTIM), tattoos, forgetful men, black strippers, lawsuits, various degrees of injuries, face punches at rock concerts, piercing mishaps, and marijuana (old and tampered with).

Deaths: Heath Ledger, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, George Carlin, Michael Jackson, Chris Reeves, George Harrison, Dom Deluise, James Brown, Johnny Cash… Certainly not last and oh ho ho not least, let us not forget Ike Turner!

My father died this decade. As did my godmother, my maternal grandmother, also countless varied and sundry ‘relations’ that I didn’t know well enough to know their name or exact relation to me.

Fashion:  Most of it was ugly, frankly. Androgyne. Hobo-style. Snowboots in the summer. panties doubling as pants and we must all let our gut hang out.

I guess I can safely say that this decade more than any other, I just let fashion pass me by.  Not trying to say that I am typing this wearing tapered jeans and charm necklaces; I have rolled with some of the trends. My jeans are relatively flared. Yes, honestly, it does kill me that tapered ankles are no longer in fashion! Furthermore, yes, I am keeping the god damn things cuz they WILL come back in style and I will be ready and on the cutting edge!

I have lost weight, gained weight, and now am in the process of losing it again. My hair has been almost waist length and it has been above my chin. It started my natural color (some dark color I know longer remember) and has evolved thru every shade of red.

I have changed my mind about ranting about music.  That could easily be a whole other blog post.  All I will say about it is that there has been a lot of crap this decade. I’m sure no more so than any other decade but it just feels like it!

It seems like it goes faster every year in some ways. I don’t know if it is because I am having such a good time or if it is more about the fact that I get so focused on my own bullshit that the world passes me by.  I don’t have a fantastic way to end this one so I will just be trite:


Here’s to a great new decade!!!!


~ by Layla on December 31, 2009.

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