Homies 4 Lyfe.

Meet The Homies


I was watching “Hairspray” this morning. I love that movie. Messages of acceptance couched in great show tunes that are so very singable. Is it any wonder that when I picked up my ongoing “purging” project, I grabbed my can of Homies?

Sadly, I have not even touched that can of Homies in perhaps 3 years. So there I am at my dining room table, standing them up and reacquainting myself with all of them? I realized I had missed those crazy little people.


So there I am,  having a little bout of nostalgia and I realize both cats are curled up in the center of the dining room table. Both are watching me intently. Well, no. Renee is watching me intently. Kitty is staring at the Homies like they are tiny invaders. Suspicion and distrust is coming off him in waves.

Evidently, he couldn’t control himself. He reached over and smacked a line of them, knocking them over. And then he relaxed back.  “We” have a little discussion about this:  “No, Boo. Don’t touch Mommy’s Homies.”


For a moment, I thought that might have done the trick. But I was, of course, mistaken.  As soon as I shifted my attention back to my tiny people, he lunged forward and knocked those same guys over again.  He did it until I finally squirted him off the table with my water bottle.  He had clearly taken some personal dislike to those few. Even after I moved them to a different space, he singled them out for further abuse.

I think my cat is a racist.


~ by Layla on March 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Homies 4 Lyfe.”

  1. If he starts parading around in your white linen, you’ll know for sure, until then… I’m going to be the Devil’s Advocate and say he just didn’t like the material the homies are made out of. ;p

  2. Eric has a whole bag of these. I recently vetoed him thumb-tacking the boxes to the wall, but I did tell him if he got some nice-looking shelving units, he could line them up there.

  3. my little brother like built little….scenes for them. I know he did a playground and a parking lot.

    I just have mine living in a can. I had honestly forgot about them.

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