Techno Laundry

The phrase “airing one’s dirty laundry in public” is relatively old-fashioned. Who actually does that, literally? Or even the clean counterpart? Perhaps I’m mistaken and there is an entire culture of suburban laundry hangers, I don’t know. We apartment dwellers don’t do much hanging/airing.

Now the idiomatic phrasing of this never ceases to amaze, disgust, and irritate me. I’ve bitched about this before, but, holy Christ! I breeze through MySpace and I see status with intensely personal details about fights with spouses. Seriously? First off, why would anyone assume we *all* care? Clue: We don’t.

It also seems to me it’s nothing more than just attention whoring. “Boohoo. Poor me.” Because from my point of view, it would be more productive to tell spouse *himself*: “hey, you fucked up. I feel like you were being an asshole because ….” rather than your 787 Facebook friends. But then again, I imagine the sympathy level is way lower that way. OH and also…it’s very possible spouse might think you were being an asshole, too.

Did you ever think you might be making it incredibly awkward for some of those 787 people? People that know the spouse might not necessarily want to see someone trashing him out. Other people simply may not like to see fighting. (not even mentioning one-sided fighting) and other people just get tense when they are around intensely personal bullshit of people they do not really know.

And I just gotta throw it out there cuz I can: if I were the non-chatty partner and I suddenly saw my business splashed all over Forums4U or whatever? You think you had something to whine about before? Oh my God, it would get ugly.  You would then DEFINITELY have something to Tweet about.

I know, at times, I let pride make my decisions for me, but when I contemplate situations like this, I am glad I do. I seriously think people are worse now than they used to be. I feel like “Grumpy Old Man,” but 20 years ago, it simply was not possible to share your angst and pain so vocally. You could …call into a radio show or you could take out an ad in the newspaper.  Now it’s a few keystrokes and the world is hijacked into your problems.



~ by Layla on August 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Techno Laundry”

  1. Oh don’t be so coy; tell us what you really think.

  2. Ugh. I get it. And I think a lot of it just comes from the fact that people have forgotten what it is to have some class about how they comport themselves.

    It *is* attention whoring, it’s childish and you absolutely make great points about the level of inconsiderateness to the posters captive audiences.

    May be good for fans of serial dramas. Or Jerry Springer.

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