Too Fat For A Manicure?

..Or should she get a dessert discount?


I’ve ranted before about ‘brilliant ideas’ for dealing with the epidemic of obesity in America. Mississippi tried to pass a law to not serve fat people. I think that would be somewhat shooting themselves in the foot. Fat people are good customers. Well, except perhaps at buffet-style restaurants.

Too Fat For Nail Polish

To sum this story up succinctly, Michelle Fonville went to a beauty salon in Georgia (why does one just feel sure shit like this will happen in the south?) to get a mani, pedi, and a brow waxing. The manager on duty charged her an extra 5 dollars because of her weight.

I’ve heard this story being discussed on two different radio shows now. The manager said she didn’t want her as a customer because her chairs only hold 200 pounds and they are $2400.00 to repair. I’m not sure what I think of this. It seems to have sparked discussions about “should fat people be charged extra everywhere?” and bitching about where fat people are already charged more. Frankly, those latter comments made me sad for the people who had the nerve to be that stupid in public.

“Fat people’s clothes cost more.” Fat people need more material, Nimrod.  That’s why I would not be in favor of charging a fat person more at a restaurant. If their portion of fried chicken and mashed potatoes was no larger than the skinny person who ordered it at the same time, why should the fat person have to pay more?  That being said, I would have no problem charging *anyone* more at a buffet if they ate an inordinately large amount of food. Ok, buffets are kind of gross and it’s impossible to not overeat to some degree, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I’M I”M SAYING HERE…  The difference between eating a little more than you should have and 5 full plates of food is not small, either. 

My biggest problem with this story is the arbitrariness. Who decides? I am kind of pissed off about this story, but I have to say, I am not against making fat people buy 2 seats on an airplane. It’s miserable enough to fly pressed all up into a total stranger without someone’s body overflowing the seat and just being all up …on you for a long (or short) flight. Again, though, who decides who is too fat and who isn’t?

I watched this ridiculous reality show awhile back about nightmares at the airport. I really do not remember what it was called and I hardly believe it was emmy-worthy but I remember being disturbed.  A girl had been flying somewhere. I remember the gist but not the specifics so we’re going to say the girl was flying from Boston to Denver by way of Atlanta. Everything is fine as she leaves Boston. She gets to Atlanta and this little rude twat of an airline employee suddenly decides she is too fat and will have to buy a second ticket in order to continue her flight.  I’m not even going to get into the debate of “Well…how fat was she?” That’s not the point for me. The decision to call someone “Too fat to have a single airline ticket” as it stands now is arbitrary. So once that decision is made, and some other High Emperor of Fat deemed her ok, too damn bad. You can’t change it midway into the flight. So suck it.

And speaking of points, I’m going to try to get back to mine with this nail salon. She was having her nails done and her eyebrows waxed. It’s not like she was needing extra product.  The bitch didn’t actually break the chair, did she? and I would imagine the little skinny person salon had insurance, anyway.  So I’m not sure why she could have possibly needed to pay more than anyone else.  Clearly, the decision was made cuz this manager did not want fat people in her salon.

That’s a bad business decision. This is The United States-I can’t remember the stats, but there are a LOT of fat people here? 60%?  So if she really IS that worried about her chairs…I’d invest in a heavy-duty chair to save on insurance deductibles or just stop being a bitch. 


Editorial aside: yes. I know. weakest ending ever. I got distracted thinking of  something that seems apt.  “Beauty Shop”   3 girls. Pretty little girl is passing cappuccino and offers it to the  bitchy fat customer.  “No. I don’t be eating or drinking anything I can’t spell.” Pretty little stylist looks over at this exchange and says “oh. Well wow. You must be like…the spelling bee champ!”


~ by Layla on August 24, 2010.

7 Responses to “Too Fat For A Manicure?”

  1. Distracted, my ass. ;p I really do think that if people want to discriminate against whoever in their business model, they should be allowed to. It’ll weed out those owners we don’t want to do business with anyway. Like the airlines with the dual seat thing? I’m not small, but nor do I require two seats. I figure if you need a seat belt extender you need two seats, therefore your price goes up. Should be that simple. If an airline can arbitrarily decide from one leg of a flight to another then it just indicates that perhaps one shouldn’t choose that airline. What if you’re thin, but have big hair and they have the old planes with the communal video screen for the inflight movie … you see where I’m going with this, I’m sure. ;p

    • I didnt say that they couldn’t. I just said it was not good business to do so.

      As to the airline seats, they should have a model chair with raised sides… if there is question, you sit in it. if you overflow or can’t fit it, 2 seats for you. No arbitration at all. Just like those “you must be THIS TALL in order to ride this” signs at amusement parks. No questions, No discussions, nothing.

  2. beauty girl reference = barber shop!
    queen latifah is fat and she RAN that beauty shop.

  3. No real point – was mostly just correcting your reference.

    • ..what was wrong with it? i thought i said the movie was ‘beauty shop’?

      Actually.. . “Beauty Shop” and “Barber Shop” are 2 dif movies. and Ice Cube ran the barber shop.

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