Who Knew She Was A Goddess?

Woman Shot After Announcing Her Engagement on Facebook

“A 63-year-old North Carolina woman was found shot to death in her home by an ex-boyfriend after having just recently posted her engagement to another man on Facebook.

Police say the spurned lover then turned the gun on himself, reports ABC News.

A neighbor found the bodies of Karen Ann Rooney, 63, and Peter Terrance Moonan, 62, on Saturday, Aug. 28 in Rooney’s home in Maysville, N.C.

The two had reportedly dated for 16 years before ending their relationship earlier this year.

Rooney, a recently retired IBM employee, had become engaged to William Jenkins in recent weeks and had changed her Facebook status, indicating that she had become engaged.


Wow. This is the sort of ghetto shit you’d expect from teenagers.  Although, it does make me kind of glad to see that passion is still alive and well in one’s 60’s.  She broke up with Dude #1 in April and already has another man to marry her. No wonder he’s pissed. All he got was forced to move in with relatives cuz “she ain’t in love no mo’.” At this moment, I’m forced to continue referring to Chris Rock “…Now I ain’t saying he shoulda killed her……………………….but I understand.”


All jokes aside (ok it’s me, probably not all of them..) , this is fucked up.  Though, who has not seen a relationship “update” and been pissed at some point?  I think the key difference is: most of us just stew a little or throw a tantrum and do not actually pull out shotguns.

*Personally, I feel she probably should have changed her status to “It’s Complicated.” Because clearly….it was.

~ by Layla on September 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Who Knew She Was A Goddess?”

  1. Yew just don’t even KNOW how many times a day I check yo’ relationship status.

    Oh shit, was that out loud?

  2. they should have Like, Dislike and Will Blow With Shotgun.

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