Secret Closet Society

Not One, But Three

A GRANDMOTHER who hid the bodies of three stillborn babies in a wardrobe with an air freshener for up to 20 years was last night warned she faced a jail sentence.

They say everyone has skeletons in their closets, but damn! This is too much. I’m trying to work my head around how no one realized for 25 years! I get ‘getting used to the smell’….but seriously.. All I can picture in my head is like in the movie “Seven” …the “Sloth” guy who was in that room with a bazillion rear view mirror air fresheners. AND THAT IS STRANGE!!!!!!

Bernadette Quirk

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Bickley, or Merseyside Police, said Quirk had ‘a chaotic lifestyle’ after the failure of her marriage in the late 1980s and ‘had a number of sexual encounters’.

(at least 3, huh? )

I feel like I should have something deep to say about this. I don’t. In fact, I just keep laughing.  The story itself is fantastic but the stellar journalism again takes the cake!

What I will say about this is:  I am having a hard time deciding why she should go to jail. I don’t really feel she did anything wrong. No one can disprove that the babies were not stillborn. It seems as though the daughter suddenly decided to turn her in for burying one of them in a cemetery in the 90’s.  Swift ethical decision there, for sure.

That, however, is really neither here nor there in my opinion. I understand that there are legalities involved in burial and you can’t just stick Grandpa or a stillborn baby in a hefty bag and throw it in a hole. So yeah, I suppose there was actually a crime committed with the one.  But the others? I’m having a hard time seeing the problem in a legal sense.

In the crazy sense? I get it. Absolutely.

“She had to keep them so they could never be looked at”


~ by Layla on September 14, 2010.

One Response to “Secret Closet Society”

  1. My thoughts on reading this were… “Her daughter turned her in…..mebbe Mrs. Quirk buried the WRONG one”.

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