Where Are The Dorito Trucks?

Halt Of the Ganja


TIJUANA, Mexico — Mexican security forces seized at least 105 tons of U.S.-bound marijuana in the border city of Tijuana on Monday, by far the biggest pot bust in the country in recent years.

I really can’t think of too much to say to this beyond “that’s a LOT of fuckin’ weed”..and then, me being me…i had to figure out how much weed that *actually* was.

105 tons. So at 2000 pounds per ‘ton’ ..that’s 210,000 pounds. There are 16 ounces in a pound so that’s 3,360,000 ounces. I feel like someone told me it’s 3 joints in a quarter so 12 joints per ounce. 40,320,000 joints all together.

Which is more than I can actually conceive of.

This makes me sad because with all the problems mexico and we have….THIS is what they are worried about.


~ by Layla on October 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Where Are The Dorito Trucks?”

  1. Damn. I could make multi-millions selling all that shit here in St. Louis. But then again, that’s Mexican dirt weed. So maybe not.

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