Division of “Ass-ets”

Interesting Savings Account

From ten years ago, married a woman from Haifa husband charged – in agreement and understanding with him – NIS 150 each time having sex. The money was deposited every week on savings in the name of the woman during the decade accumulated 150 thousand NIS program.  Now, after deciding the couple divorce, the husband argues that the reaches his half of the savings plan.

The couple, parents of two, began divorce proceedings a few months ago.  When the Family Court to discuss the husband surprised by Sarin lawyer soloist Achsdres his share of his wife’s savings program.

He argued that this conclusion was reached billion, thanks to them according to which every event of having sex is his wife will pay NIS 150. The woman explained that her husband had her strange demand that she wanted to ensure their savings fund.

“It will not hurt, so we feel we did it for another purpose for both of us”, she would tell her husband Sachsahataram the idea yet used to pay her – she did not permit .To accumulate a debt of more than two meetings.

The woman argued in the discussion that the funds to hold a relationship so they are also registered in her name and the name of her husband. The husband claims that he is entitled to half the amount for two reasons: One, he is paid, and second: he is “who works” for payment.   The court should give a decision soon surely arouse great uproar by making such an agreement between the couple.

Usually, I do not quote the entire article. However the translation was so great, I had to leave it as is. A friend gave me this recently and I knew I was going to have to talk about it. I do not remember when something has amused me as much.

The greatest part is I’m only *relatively* certain of what’s going on here. But if I’m perceiving it right, this is just the most awesome thing I’ve read in months. It seems that a husband and wife were married for ten years and now are divorcing. In the proceedings, it came to light that the wife charged him 150 shekels (about 41 dollars) every time they had sex.

I would call that prostitution. There’s not even a stretch there for me. “You want some, hunny? you know it costs 40 bucks.” Snap. He paid her. They did the deed. On with life. But…No. It seems she is saying that she was tucking aside money for their savings in a way that she knew he would cooperate with. Inventive on her part, for sure.

It’s also sort of stupid, in my opinion. Because now he wants half of the “booty” (pun *absolutely* intended). And to continue flinging my two cents around, I do not see how he is not absolutely entitled to it if that was, in fact, the way of it. She built up the marital assets nicely. Too bad, bitch, now *you* gots to pay.


~ by Layla on November 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Division of “Ass-ets””

  1. Ok, so I read this not so much as she charged him, but as they agreed to place his money into a mutual savings fund. Kind of like a swear jar, I think.

    Here’s the bit I object to: “One, he is paid, and second: he is “who works” for payment.”

    I read that as “Firstly, he’s the person who paid; secondly, he’s the one who put the effort in.” Is that put the effort in for earning the money, or put the effort in during sex?

    Because I disagree on both counts; on the assumption that she’s a housewife, you can’t go off earning money unless she’s doing all that stuff in the background which enables him to do that. I.e. maintaining their lives; making sure food is prepared, or whatever.

    As for putting the effort in during sex? Please…

  2. News more recent in, feel like suddenly need I to force use the. Only but, if you think about it, to be divorcings after years of ten, savings split should between them be.

  3. Translation was the beloved of I, and magnificent the style of writing was.

    Paid by she in the account, provide them to the security in days to come latterly. Wanted the money, for dividing between them disputing acrimoniously.

    I mean…seriously. How better does it get than that?

    As for the morality brought into question…well, clearly, he was a boring old geezer who needed to pay his better half to get lucky. She gets the money, I say. And of course, that’s only said to endear me to the authoress. Women like it when men take sides AGAINST other men.

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