When the Maniac is Harmless

Stranger In Her Bed

An Iowa woman woke up to find a drunken teenager in her bed, police say.

Carla Kraninger, 47, of Des Moines woke up Monday to find someone in her bed with her, and initially thought it was her son, KCCI-TV, Des Moines, reported.

She quickly realized it was not her son and called police, the TV station said.

Kraninger and her son tried to wake up the trespasser, but the teen was too intoxicated to respond.

Police said the youth, a Southeast Polk High School student, said he had a beer with some friends earlier and they dropped him off at what he believed to be his mother’s house.

The teen, who had a blood-alcohol content of 0.115 at the time, was released to his mother and received a delayed referral on charges of trespass and public intoxication.


Man- I’ve never been near drunk enough that I didn’t recognize my own residence.  It also bothers me how he got in the house.  Did he bust in or did they just leave the place unlocked? That’s irresponsible.  Perhaps out in the rural nothingness of Iowa, you can leave doors unlocked safely.  I wouldn’t have thought you could do that in Des Moines.  And clearly, it appears I might be correct.

I also find the idea of waking up next to a stranger completely terrifying. But frankly? I can’t picture being asleep to a depth I would not wake upon hearing someone entering my bedroom, LET ALONE my house.  One of those deals where I could sleep through a nuclear attack, but that “try to slink around quietly” ….forgetaboutit.  That whole situation could have went violent very easily.  I wake up and see someone in my *bedroom* ? Unless he/she is *supposed* to be there or was in there before I fell asleep, it’s DANGER DANGER …

And finally- I managed to find her picture, and ooo her son, too.  Look at that grown ass kid.  I find it….odd that he spends enough time in her bed that when she believed it was him, she didn’t find it odd.  And the same coin flipped over, the crazy drunk kid’s wanderings.  “THIS MUST BE MY MOM! I’LL JUST GET IN BED WITH HER”

That drunk in high school? My mother would have been the last person we (siblings and I) would have wanted to curl up with …

~ by Layla on August 10, 2011.

One Response to “When the Maniac is Harmless”

  1. And the tits of the girl in pink… Horrifying.

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