Thalidomide Elle Oh Elle

I usually have a pretty good grasp of how my sense of humour differs from a lot of people’s.  I could say that I am generally sensitive to their feelings, but the truth is actually more like “oh well, I found it funny as hell”

That picture nearly made my mother divorce me. I started giggling as I copied the URL to paste it into this post. I don’t know where it came from originally, some stupid forwarded email, I imagine. When I received it years ago, I forwarded it to her because I found it adorable.

She did not. About 2 hours later, I get this completely offended email.  She was not amused. At all. She didn’t understand how I could find it funny, blah blah blah.  And it was the most horrible thing she had ever seen.  Ok. Feeling a little bad.  That night, after work, I go over to her house to apologize for the email.  It never  really occurred to me she wouldn’t be a little amused by it.  She was still pissed.  She had called one of my uncles to talk to him about how horrible and insensitive I was. I had sent it to him, too,  and he called me, laughed, and said “you’re such a mess.”

However, he told her he was appalled by it. (His shit-stirring  is an entirely different post, though.)

So anyway,  I go over there and she is still up in arms (haha) about it.  I finally can’t take it anymore so I go home.  Like 2 days later, I go over again with the intention of apologizing to her and making it right.  And I start to do so. But she’s still upset and wanting to scold me about this picture.  And does so. A lot.   But I am trying to get her all smoothed down so I just let her go and be silent waiting for her to get it all out.

But then she says  “Every time I think about that picture, I start to cry. He will never be able to brush his hair. He will never be able to hold hands….”

I just lose it. I’m not sure I have the words to describe it. I’m sitting there at the kitchen table with her, waiting to get a word in edgewise, shaking with repressed laughter and digging my nails into my palms to keep it together. But the “hand holding” bit ruined me.  I had tried to take a drink of diet coke and it snorted out of my nose and then I am crying, I am laughing so hard.

I think she had almost got it all out, because by the time I have my little laugh-spaz, she just rolled her eyes and let it go.  So I guess the lesson I learned from this experience is – when I forward ‘cute’ emails to my mother, I give it third and sometimes fourth thoughts.


~ by Layla on August 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “Thalidomide Elle Oh Elle”

  1. Certainly politically incorrect, but funny as hell.
    “What do you say to a one-legged hitchhiker? Hop in.”

  2. Hahahaha.. oh Layla. I miss you.

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