Treasures I Have Lost

25 Percent Increase In House Fires

I found this wandering around the Internet this morning.  At first it seemed like a bit of a scary statistic, but then when you read that they take the batteries out of the smoke detectors, not really so much now. I do feel sort of bad for the loss of stuff they suffered.   As that thought occurred to me, I inevitably came back to my stuff and losses I’ve had to face. While none of them have ever been because of a fire,  I find some similarities, and it’s devastating, too.

Smoke detector

Smoke Detector

Irreparable Damage:

Just like in a fire,  in an argument,  your possessions can be destroyed.  It’s a fine line between “argument” and “fight” and I hesitate to use the latter. To me that term is physical and I’ve never been involved in a situation that came to blows.  Well… not since I was a kid. I do not count my brothers.  I think I can safely say, though,  that if we were tearing up each other’s shit, it was probably close.

I had this nun figurine.  She was fat, she wore glasses, she had this big beatific grin. I want to say I got her at the dollar store and I was incredibly into her.  I don’t remember where she came from or even the circumstances that led up to her demise.  I only remember we had a walk-in apartment and for some reason, the front door was standing open and it was an incredibly sunny day.  I remember him picking it up and my yelling as it went sailing out the door and crashed on the walk.  It wasn’t that he was throwing her at me. I was no where near the trajectory.

Loss of Irreplaceable Treasures:

Fire, smoke, and water can ruin things that have no real monetary value but are infinitely precious.  I’ve suffered the same trauma from breakups.  If you see anyone for any period of time, possessions have a tendency to accumulate.  Then when the breakup happens, there is the Exchange Back.  Honestly, in most cases, this was quiet and calm for me.  However, it seems as though, in every one, I have lost something valuable that I would really like back.

I had a can of nails, screws, that sort of crap.  It was *magic*. If  I sifted long enough, I would always come up with the very thing I needed. My mom had given it to me when she got it from some estate sale or something. I had taken it to his place when we were hanging something and I just never got around to taking it home, alas.   This was the calmest, most reasonable breakup ever, so it hadn’t ever occurred to me I would lose The Magic Can.  We had agreed that I would just leave his stuff in a box in the back seat of my car and he would roll by and leave my box.  It was a few days before I felt like getting the box of my stuff out of the car.  I was so mad when I noticed The Can’s absence. I would have gladly given him back the T-shirt, coffee bean grinder,  and electric screwdriver of his I had kept!

As you can see,  I have faced many hardships and tragedies.  But like any victim that refuses to be beaten, I have come thru stronger and more ready to face the next trial life gives me!


I, Martyr.







~ by Layla on August 26, 2011.

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